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Java Barcode PDF 417 Generator
Java Barcode offers the most affordable Java barcode generator for barcode Java professionals. It supports barcode PDF-417 generation in Java Class, Jasper Reports, iReport, BIRT.
Java PDF-417 Barcode Introduction
PDF-417 is also known as Portable Data File 417, PDF 417, PDF417 Truncated.
PDF417, or Portable Data File 417, is a two-dimensional stacked barcode symbology capable of encoding over a kilobyte of data per label. It was developed by Symbol Technologies (1989-1992) and is currently maintained by ANSI / AIM USA.
Large amounts of text and data can be stored securely and inexpensively when using the PDF417 symbology. The printed symbol consists of several linear rows of stacked codewords. Each codeword represents 1 of 929 possible values from one of three different clusters. A different cluster is chosen for each row, repeating after every three rows.
Java Barcode PDF 417 Generator - How to Generate barcode PDF-417 in Java Class?
You can generate a standard PDF-417 barcode in Java class using following Java code:
PDF417 barcode = new PDF417(); 

// set barcode properties

// draw and generate barcode to buffered image object
BufferedImage pdf417Image = barcode.drawBarCode2Image();
Java Barcode PDF 417 Generator - How to Generate PDF-417 Barcode in Java Servlet Applicatons?
The following Java code illustrates how to generate a PDF-417 barcode in Java Servlet class:
public class BarcodeServlet extends HttpServlet { 
public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException
try {
PDF417 barcode = new PDF417();

// set barcode properties

// draw and generate barcode to response's ServletOutputStream
ServletOutputStream servletoutputstream = response.getOutputStream();


} catch (Exception e) {
throw new ServletException(e);
Java Barcode PDF 417 Generator - How to Create PDF-417 Barcodes through HTTP Request?
  1. Install Java Barcode Generator Servlet application to Tomcat or JBoss, developers need copy the barcode folder to your Tomcat application folder, and restart the Tomcat.
  2. After Tomcat restarted, open your browser and navigate to
  3. You can also insert barcodes in HTML or JSP pages.
    <img src="http://your_tomcat_url:port/barcode/pdf417?code-text=PDF417">
Java Barcode PDF 417 Generator - How to Draw & Print Barcode PDF-417 to java.awt.Image Object
Please copy following Java source code and then you can generate PDF-417 barcode in a java.awt.Image object.
private static void demoLinearBarcode() throws Exception 
PDF417 barcode = new PDF417();

// set barcode properties

// create image object
java.awt.image.BufferedImage image = new java.awt.image.BufferedImage(300,300,java.awt.image.BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED );
// get graphic context of image
java.awt.Graphics2D imgGraphics = image.createGraphics();

// draw barcode to specified location in Rectangle
barcode.paintBarCode(imgGraphics, new java.awt.Rectangle(0, 0, 300, 300));
Java PDF-417 Properties

Class Properties HTTP Parameters Default Comments
data data "" Barcode value to encode
uom uom PIXEL Unit of meature for all size related settings. 0: pixel; 1: cm; 2: inch. Default is pixel
X x 1 Width of barcode module (narrow bar), default is 1 pixel
barRatio bar-ratio 3 bar height, bar width ratio
leftMargin left-margin 0 Barcode image left margin
rightMargin right-margin 0 Barcode image right margin
topMargin top-margin 0 Barcode image top margin
bottomMargin bottom-margin 0 Barcode image bottom margin
resolution resolution 72 Barcode image resolution in dpi
rotate rotate 0 Barcode rotate angle, valid values: 0, 90, 180, 270
processTilde process-tilde false Set the processTilde property to true, if you want use the tilde character "~" to specify special characters in the input data. Default is false.
~NNN: is used to represent the ASCII character with the value of NNN. NNN is from 000 - 255.
dataMode data-mode 1 (MODE_TEXT) valid values: 0 (MODE_AUTO), 1 (MODE_TEXT), 2 (MODE_BYTE), 3(MODE_NUMERIC)
ecl ecl 2 (ECL_2) Error correction level, values are from 0 to 8, default is 2.
rowCount row-count 3 The number of rows for PDF417. The value range is from 3 to 90. The default is 3.
columnCount column-count 5 Number of columns. The value range is from 1 to 30. The default is 5. Increase this value, if your data size is large.
truncated truncated false truncated PDF417 may be used where space considerations are a primary concern and symbol damage is unlikely.
isMacro macro false Set isMacro property to true, then Macro PDF417 is enabled.
macroSegmentIndex macro-segment-index 0 the position of current symbol in the secuence (Start with 0).
macroSegmentCount macro-segment-count 0 the number of total symbols which make the sequence.
macroFileIndex macro-file-index 0 be identified to the same file

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