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Java Code-93 Generator

Barcode Code-93 Generation in Java Class, Jasper Reports, iReport, BIRT

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Java Code-93 Introduction

Code 93 is also known as ANSI/AIM Code 93, ANSI/AIM Code 93, Uniform Symbology Specification Code 93, USS Code 93, USS 93, Code 9/3, USS-93, USD-3, Code 93 Extended, and Code 93 Full ASCII

Code 93 is a barcode symbology designed in 1982 by Intermec to provide a higher density and data security enhancement to Code 39. It is an alphanumeric, variable length symbology. Code 93 is used primarily by Canadian postal office to encode supplementary delivery information. Every symbol includes two check characters.

Java Code-93 Properties

Code-93 Type Value: com.keepdynamic.barcode.generator.BarCode.CODE93 (7).