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Guide for Barcode Generation in BIRT Reporting Framework
Java Barcode supports embeding barcodes in Eclipse BIRT reporting solutions for Java developer. You can read more details on BIRT Barcode Generation DLL.
Java Barcode Generator - Generate Barcodes in BIRT
KeepDynamic BIRT Barcode offers the most affordable Java barcode generator for Eclipse BIRT reporting solutions.
  1. Install Java Barcode web application package to Tomcat or JBoss
    • Download trial package, unzip it, copy barcode folder and its contents to your servlet container like Tomcat or Jboss.
    • Start Tomcat, navigate to:
    • To generate barcodes in html page or jsp page, insert the following html code.
      <img src="http://url:port/barcode/linear?data=0123456789&type=4" />
  2. Create a new report with report data source & data set, and add "Table" report item to your report.
  3. Drag an "Image" report item to your table details section.
  4. On form "Edit Image Item", choose "URI", and click "fx" button
  5. In the expression builder, inpupt "http://url:port/barcode/linear?data=" + row ["Your column name which contains barcode data"] + "&type=4"
  6. Click all "ok", and ignore the warning box.
  7. You can preview the generated barcodes in your report.
BIRT Barcode - Barcode Type Property Settings
BIRT Barcode complete list of supported barcode symbologies: