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VB.NET PDF417 Barcode Generator Component
VB.NET PDF417 Barcode Generator Component is used to create, generate PDF417 barcode images using VB.NET class codes for .NET applications in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010.
Overview - VB.NET PDF417 Barcode Generator Component
VB.NET PDF417 barcode creating library, provided by KeepDynamic.com, can be easily integrated into VB.NET class applications. It can help .NET develpers generate & design PDF417 barcode images in ASP.NET web application, Windows Forms Project, SSRS Reporting Services, RDLC Local Reports & Crystal Reports.
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Features - VB.NET PDF417 Barcode Generator Control

PDF-417 Barcode VB.NET Generator Technology

PDF-417 Barcode VB.NET Generator Imaging Library

VB.NET PDF-417 Barcode generator provides diversified options for easily customizing the PDF417 barcode in .NET class applications. For instance:
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Free VB.NET Code for PDF417 Barcode Generation in .NET Class Applications
'Create a new PDF417 barcode object in VB.NET,
Dim Barcode As PDF417 = New PDF417

'Assign the data that are encoded into PDF417 barcode symbology.
BarCode.CodeText = "Abc1234567"

'Choose DataMode for PDF417 barcode that is going to generate,
' 1. Text Compaction mode encodes values 9,10,13 & 32-127 of ASCII
' 2. Bytes Compatication mode encodes all 256 byte values of ASCII
' 3. Numeric Compatication mode encodes numeric digits 0 through 9
BarCode.DataMode = PDF417DataMode.Auto

'Set the Error Correction Level(ECL) to PDF417
'Disenable the Truncated option to PDF417 symbology
BarCode.ECL = PDF417ECL.ECL_4
BarCode.Truncated = False

'Set the number of rows and columns to PDF417
BarCode.RowCount = 9
BarCode.ColumnCount = 6

'Enable the option of ProcessTilde when the tilde character "~" is necessary
BarCode.ProcessTilde = True

'Set the PDF417 barcode graphic measurements as Pixel
BarCode.GraphicsUnit = KeepDynamic.Barcode.Generator.GraphicsUnit.Pixel

'Assign the values of bar module width to PDF417 barcode
Barcode.X = 2

'Set the margins around the PDF417 barcode symbology
Barcode.LeftMargin = 4
Barcode.RightMargin = 4
Barcode.TopMargin = 4
Barcode.BottomMargin = 4

'Set PDF417 barcode symbol size
Barcode.BarCodeHeight = 70
Barcode.BarCodeWidth = 400

'Set the resolution of PDF417 barcode image that is drawn to,
'Change the PDF417 barcode image orientation
BarCode.Resolution = 72
BarCode.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate0

'Set PDF417 barcode drawing image format to PNG in VB.NET
'Generate PDF417 barcode image in Visual Basic .NET
Barcode.Format = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png
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