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Code 128 VB .NET Barcode Generator Control / Library
Code 128 VB .NET Barcode Generator Control / Library is a mature barcode generating library, which can be easily integrated into VB.NET class project. This VB.NET barcoding component is used to create, generate Code128, Code128a, Code128b,Code128c using VB.NET class code.
Overview - Code 128 VB.NET Barcode Generator Library
Code 128 VB.NET barcode generator control, provided by KeepDynamic.com, is an advanced Code 128 generating sdk. It aims to help .NET developers easily and simply create Code-128, a.k.a. ANSI/AIM 128, ANSI/AIM Code 128, USS Code 128, in VB.NET class applications.
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Features - Code 128 VB.NET Barcode Generator Library

Code 128 VB.NET Barcode Generator Technology

Barcode Imaging of VB.NET Code 128 Barcode Generator Library

Code 128 VB.NET Barcode generator provides diversified options for easily customizing the barcodes.
How to Create Code 128 Barcode Using VB.NET Class Code
Dim barcode As KeepDynamic.Barcode.Generator.BarCode
barcode = New KeepDynamic.Barcode.Generator.BarCode()

'Select the barcode type as Code 128 symbology from the barcode type list
barcode.SymbologyType = SymbologyType.Code128

'Set the data characters that are encoded into Code 128 barcode symbology.
'Encodable data set of Code 128 contains,
' All 128 ASCII characters (characters 0 to 127 inclusive).

' Code 128 symbol encodes variable length of data characters
barcode.CodeText = "Abc123"

'Enbable the checksum option for Code 128
' so that the barcode generator computes check digit to Code 128 automatically
barcode.EnableChecksum = True

'Set the barcode graphic measurements as Pixel for Code 128
barcode.GraphicsUnit = KeepDynamic.Barcode.Generator.GraphicsUnit.Pixel

'Assign values of bar width and bar height to Code 128 barcode
barcode.X = 1
barcode.Y = 75

'Set the margins around the Code 128 symbol
barcode.LeftMargin = 10
barcode.RightMargin = 10
barcode.TopMargin = 10
barcode.BottomMargin = 10

'Set generated Code 128 barcode images size using VB.NET class code
barcode.BarCodeWidth = 150
barcode.BarCodeHeight = 120

'Assign a value to resolution for Code 128 image that is drawn to,
'Do not change the orientation of Code 128 barcode image
barcode.Resolution = 72
barcode.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate0

'Display the characters encoded into the Code 128 symbology
'Set the font style of the characters encoded into Code 128
barcode.DisplayCodeText = True
barcode.CodeTextFont = New System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 11.0F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Regular)

'Set Code 128 barcode drawing image format to PNG in VB.NET
'Generate Code 128 image in Visual Basic .NET
barcode.Format = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png
VB.NET Code 128 Barcode Generator Control Supported Barcode Types