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ASP.NET Barcode Reader Tutorial
ASP.NET Barcode Reader provides the most affordable .NET barcode recognition library for barcode reader .NET projects.
ASP.NET Barcode Reader - Barcode Types
ASP.NET Barcode Reader supports most common linear (1d) and matrix (2d) barcode symbologies, including:
ASP.NET Barcode Reader Compatibility
ASP.NET Barcode Reader is purely written in managed C#.
ASP.NET Barcode Reader library can be used in all major Windows operating systems, which supports .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 or later version.
ASP.NET Barcode Reader in .NET Project
ASP.NET Barcode Reader is easily to be integrated into .NET developer's projects, ASP.NET website, C#, VB.NET applications,class project, console applications.
ASP.NET Barcode Reader Performance
ASP.NET barcode reader provides best recognition performance in the market.
ASP.NET Barcode Reader Download Free Trial Version
Download Free Trial Version of ASP.NET Barcode Scanner SDK
ASP.NET Barcode Reader Developer Guide
  1. Add KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.dll to .NET project by adding reference.
  2. Read & scan barcode in ASP.NET using following VB.NET or C#.NET class codes.
VB.NET Code for Barcode Reading in ASP.NET Applications
Imports KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader
Dim barcodeValues As String() = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.CODE39)
C# Code for Barcode Reading in ASP.NET Applications
using KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader;
string[] barcodeValues = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.CODE39);
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