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Jasper Barcode, Barcode Generation in Jasper Reportes

Jasper Barcode offers the most affordable Java barcode generator for Jasper Reports reporting solutions.

Generate barcodes in Jasper Reports

Create a new Jasper report template

  • 1. Import java barcode class
    <import value="com.keepdynamic.barcode.generator.jasperreports.BarcodeFactory"/> 
  • 2. Insert a barcode image into the report template
    <image scaleImage="Clip" hAlign="Center"> 
        <reportElement x="30" y="60" width="300" height="240"/> 
        <imageExpression class="net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRenderable">
    <![CDATA[new com.keepdynamic.barcode.generator.jasperreports.BarCodeRenderer(BarcodeFactory.createLinear(8, "123456789"))]]> </imageExpression> </image>
  • 3. If barcode value is getting from database. Define the data field and replace barcode data in the above code with $F{DataFieldName}.
    For the above code, replace "123456789" with $F{DataFieldName}

Jasper Report Barcode - Barcode Type Property Settings