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About KeepDynamic.com
KD (KeepDynamic.com) is a professional & highly-rated .NET & Java barcoding SDKs provider, who is uniquely dedicated to designing and developing simplest but most powerful barcode generating & barcode reading SDKs for .NET & Java developers.
We are young. We admit that, but our youth equips us with endless enthusiasm, unwavering determination as well as strong driving force to explore and offer the best barcode solutions for you.
Apart from the easiest-to-use barcode SDKs, we are devoted to provide our customers with the most high-end services. We listen to our customers and offer the best barcode solutions in the shortest time to meet their needs. This is also why we can successfully dominate an important field in the industry of barcode within a decade.
Our Customers
The biggest feature of .NET barcoding sdk from KD is its simplicity. It has quick installation and easiest barcode generating C# codes.

------- C. Hunt(USA)
KD's .NET barcode reading sdk is great. But I am more impressed with their quick & useful after-sale services.

------- Y. Lee(Korea)
Compared with other Java barcoding sdks, KD's is more easy-to-use.

------- M. Agos(USA)
The .NET barcode suite is really powerful. It supports both C# & VB.NET and can generate barcode in serveral .NET applications.
How to Contact Us
For inquiries regarding licensing, or technical questions,
contact us by e-mail:support@keepdynamic.com.
Corporate Headquarters:

386 Atlantic Ave.
NY 11217