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.NET Barcode Reader
.NET Barcode Reader provides the most advanced barcode reading functions for .NET projects, compatible with Visual C# and Visual Basic programming languages.
Barcode Reader SDK for .NET is capable of recognizing the most popular linear and two dimensional barcode symbologies.
.NET Barcode Reader SDK supported 2D barcode types include Data Matrix, PDF-417, QR Code.
.NET Barcode Reader SDK supported 1D barcode types are Code 39, Code 39 extension, Code 128, EAN-128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar.
.NET Barcode Reader is an easy-to-use barcodes recognition component for .NET projects. By using this barcode reading solution, you are able to add advanced barcode decoding features into .NET Framework applications. This barcode reader SDK for .NET is featured with:
.NET Barcode Reader Compatibility
.NET Barcode Reader in .NET Project
.NET Barcode Reader Performance
.NET barcode reader provides quickest & most accurate barcode recognition rate in the market.
.NET Barcode Reader Developer Guide
Users only need two steps to finish barcode reading using our .NET barcode scanning control.
1. Add KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.dll to .NET project reference.
2. Copy following free sampe C# code or VB.NET class code to read barcode image in .NET project.

C# Code for Barcode Reading in .NET Application

using KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader;
string[] barcodeValues = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.CODE39);

VB.NET Code for Barcode Reading in .NET Application

Imports KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader
Dim barcodeValues As String() = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.CODE39)
.NET Barcode Reader Free Trial Version Download
Download Free Trial Version of .NET Barcode Reader
.NET Barcode Reader Licenses and Prices
.NET Barcode Reader
One Server Distribution License Five Server Distribution License Unlimited Server Distribution License Windows Application Distribution License Purchase
Linear Package
includes: Code39, Code128, UPC, EAN, and other linear symbologies
$ 1040 $ 2300 $ 3770 $ 2830
2D + Linear Package
Includes: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, and all Linear barcodes symbologies
$ 1670 $ 3140 $ 4930 $ 3770

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