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Java Barcode RM4SCC Generator

Barcode RM4SCC Generation in Java Class, Jasper Reports, iReport, BIRT

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Java RM4SCC Introduction

RM4SCC is also known as RM4SCC, RoyalMail4SCC, British Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code and Royal Mail Barcode

RM4SCC is used by Royal Mail (United Kingdom) post office, Singapore post office for Postal code and automatic mail sorting. It provides information about the address of the receiver.
It encodes alpha-numeric characters (0-9, A-Z), as well as start and stop bar characters. It comprises four types of bars (the four states), each of which has a distinct name, value and barcode symbol.

Java RM4SCC Properties

RM4SCC Type Value: com.keepdynamic.barcode.generator.BarCode.RM4SCC (38).