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Eclipse BIRT ITF-14 Barcode Maker add-in


Eclipse BIRT ITF-14 Barcode Maker add-ins is a Java ITF-14 barcode generator designed for BIRT reports. The ITF-14 BIRT reporting maker can be used as an Eclipse BIRT custom extend report item like all other report items. ITF-14 barcode generated by the Eclipse BIRT ITF-14 Barcode Maker is compatible with the latest ITF-14 barcode symbology specifications. Using this BIRT ITF-14 Barcode maker add-in, the creation of ITF-14 barcode images is easy and simple. More than 70 barcode types can be created with the Java barcode generator in BIRT report, like Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Intelligent Mail barcode, ITF-14, UCC/EAN barcodes and etc.

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Used Technologies of the Eclipse BIRT ITF-14 Barcode Maker add-in

This BIRT ITF-14 barcode maker add-ins is entirely built in BIRT Custom Extended Report Item Framework. It is easy to install the ITF-14 barcode maker add-in in Eclipse BIRT reports applications and insert ITF-14 barcodes on BIRT reports. All BIRT reports running environments are supported by this ITF-14 barcode maker. The ITF-14 BIRT bar coding features are combined into a single JAR file, BIRT Barcode Generator, for easy deploying the BIRT ITF-14 barcode generator with the reporting solutions.

ITF-14 Barcode images generated by the Eclipse BIRT ITF-14 Maker

This Eclipse BIRT ITF-14 Barcode Maker generates high quality ITF-14 barcode for printing and saving as image files like JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats. Flexible ITF-14 barcode size support allows the customer adjusts the X dimension, wide to narrow ratio, ITF-14 barcode width and height, margins and the space. Customers can also define the ITF-14 printing resolution based on their specific requirements.

Customization of ITF-14 Barcode for Eclipse BIRT reports

Developers can choose the ITF-14 from the barcode type to configure the parameters of ITF-14. For example, the data encoded in ITF-14 can be displayed or not with the text display options. It is easy to set the orientation of ITF-14 to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Many linear barcode scanners can easily decoded the data message on ITF-14. The checksum characters may be enabled or disabled with the automatic calculations.

Source code and Developer License

Source code of BIRT ITF-14 barcode generator is available with the purchase of developer license.

Eclipse BIRT Barcode Generator Tutorial

Tutorial for adding barcode generation features into Eclipse BIRT