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.NET Code 2 of 5 Generator
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.NET Code 2 of 5 Introduction

Code 2 of 5 is also known as 2 of 5 Industrial, 2/5 Industrial, 2 of 5 Standard, Standard 2 of 5, 2/5 Standard, Code 2/5, 2 of 5, C 2 of 5

Stanadard 2 of 5 is a low-density numeric symbology that has been with us since the 1960s. It has been used in the photofinishing and warehouse sorting industries, as well as sequentially numbering airline tickets. The symbology is called "2 of 5" due to the fact that digits are encoded with 5 bars, 2 of which are always wide (and the remaining three are narrow).

.NET Code 2 of 5 Barcodes Properties

Class Properties HTTP Parameters Default Comments
SymbologyType symbology-type SymbologyType.Code128 Barcode type. Value for Code 2 of 5 is SymbologyType.Code25
CodeText code-text "" Barcode value to encode
EnableChecksum enable-checksum true Checksum for barcode value