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1D BarCode Control for RDLC Reports

Render local reports with linear barcode images, such as Linear/1D, Code 128, EAN/UPC, GS1 barcode, postal barcode etc.

Generate linear barcodes in local reports (RDLC) using barcode generator library

RDLC reports, created by the Visual Studio ReportViewer control based on Report Definition Language Client Side, are local reports and completely run in local processing mode. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010, the client reports can be easily created in your .NET application projects and viewed in either ASP.NET web pages or Windows Forms with the ReportViewer control.

Our RDLC barcode library is used for adding one-dimensional barcode generation features into local reports. To generate linear barcode images in RDLC reports, the 1D barcode library should be used as a custom assembly into the local reports Code section for Visual Studio does not support drag and drop third party control when designing the reports in a local processing mode.

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Tech features of barcode SDK for one-dimensional barcode generation in RDLC reports

  • Generate quality linear/1D barcode images in local reports using .NET barcode library for RDLC
  • Support .NET framework 2.0 onwards as well as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or higher
  • Create local reports using Visual Studio ReportViewer control with Linear/1D barcode image generation features
  • Easily create linear/1D barcodes in local reports using 100% managed code DLL assembly created in C# .NET
  • Strong named and digitally signed linear/1D generating DLL assemblies for RDLC reports
  • Support automatically checksum calculation for all one-dimensional barcode symbologies
  • C# and Visual Basic sample code are available for integrating the linear/1D barcode library into local reports project and generating linear/1D barcode images in rdlc reports
  • Capable of exporting client report definition (.rdlc) file with linear/1D barcode images on PDF and Excel

Linear/1D barcode properties generated by the barcode library for local reports

Various linear/1D barcode options and settings are provided within the barcode generation library for RDLC to configure the generated linear/1D properties.

  • It is possible to generate linear/1D barcode images in a client report definition (.rdlc) file in Visual Studio and save the linear/1D images as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TIFF formats
  • Using Sizing properties option, you are allowed to adjust the linear/1D X dimension, wide to narrow ratio, linear/1D bar width, linear/1D bar height, margins and other linear/1D size properties.
  • Support linear/1D barcode rotation, linear/1D barcode images can be rotated to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees in an rdlc report.
  • The encoded text into linear/1D can be displayed or not for human-readable by set the DisplayCodeText value as true
  • Resolution option is available for setting the resolution of output linear/1D barcode images

KeepDyanmic provides muitiple barcode products for creating most one-dimensional/1D and 2D/matrix bar codes in .NET, ASP.NET, Crystal Reports, SSRS, RDLC, Office as well as in Java projects. Both barcode generation and recognition class libraries are available for integrating with .NET or Java developmental environments. Various license type may help different developers add barcoding features to their projects or applications.

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