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2D barcode reader for .NET


The 2D(two dimensional) barcode reader for .NET is a barcode generation suite for .NET applications. It is compatible with reading the popular 2D barcode symbologies, such as QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF417. It is really easy to read 2D barcode in images in .NET projects, such as ASP.NET web applications, .NET Windows Applictions, .NET console applictions, .NET class and Reporting Services.

.NET two dimensional barcode image reader library & DLL


This 2D barcode recognition SDK is entirely developed in C# and can be used on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and later versions. It is compatible with .NET 2003 and greater. This decoding product can be used in Visual Basic .NET projects, C# .NET applications, ASP .NET Web projects. For Reporting Service projects, it is easy to embed barcode decoding feature in the report template through the .NET 2D barcode library. 2D barcode image can be read through design console or runtime class. For .NET Crystal Reports applications, 2D barcode images can be decoded in runtime class only. It is easy to integrate the two dimensional barcode decoder SDK into .NET class and console applications. The 2D barcode generator for .NET are also compatible with all major web browsers, like Internet Browser, Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome.