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Matrix (2D) barcode generator for VB.NET


Matrix (2D) barcode generator for VB.NET is a professional barcode class library for generating 2D barcodes in the .NET applications. This type of 2D barcode is easily utilized in .NET applications with ASP.NET, .NET Windows Forms or C# .NET. It is combined into a single DLL that creates 2D barcode images in the VB.NET development environment.

Generate two dimensional barcode image in C# and Visual Basic .NET


KeepDynamic provides a variety of solutions for integrating 2D barcodes into Visual Basic .NET. The 2D barcode creator for VB.NET has many advantages. It simplifys 2D bar code generation in .NET applications immensely and the 2D barcode creation gets fast and easily. Quick Integration saves the developing time of the programmers.
The 2D barcodes generator SDK component for VB.NET is completely developed in C# .NET and is 100% managed code, strong named and digitally signed with Authenticode certificates. It has the ability of creating most common 2D barcodes in image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. The 2D barcode generation features are compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and greator. It supports projects in common .NET languages including VB.NET, C# and etc. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are supported by the 2D barcode generator.

KeepDynamic Matrix (2D) Barcode Class Integration Manual

The VB.NET KeepDynamic Matrix (2D) Barcode class may be used as a template for C# barcoding. The class encodes data into the 2D barcode symbology format.
1. Download the KeepDynamic VB.NET 2D barcode class file and save it to the VB.NET project directory where the project lives;
2. Open the Visual Studio .NET project;
3. To use the printing features of the KeepDynamic class, ensure that a reference to the System.Drawing namespace exists in the VB.NET solution;
4. Add the KeepDynamic Matrix (2D) Barcode Class file to the project;
5. Include the KeepDynamicMatrixBarcode_Encoder namespace to the solution;
6. Once the reference to the KeepDynamicMatrixBarcode_Encoder namespace is added to the VB.NET solution, the bar code object may be demonstrated;
7. Use the methods associated with the 2D barcode object. Methods in the class take a string as an input value, add the appropriate start and stop characters of the selected 2D barcode symbology, add the checksum character (if required by the 2D barcode symbology), and encode the data to the format of the symbology.

KeepDyanmic provides muitiple barcode products for creating most one-dimensional/1D and 2D/matrix bar codes in .NET, ASP.NET, Crystal Reports, SSRS, RDLC, Office as well as in Java projects. Both barcode generation and recognition class libraries are available for integrating with .NET or Java developmental environments. Various license type may help different developers add barcoding features to their projects or applications.

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