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VB.NET Data Matrix 2D Barcode Reader Library
VB.NET Data Matrix 2D Barcode Reader Library is a professional barcode scanning control for VB.NET developers. It can detect & read Data Matrix barcode from various image object using VB.NET class code. This Dats Matrix barcode reading library is also able to scan & recognize other linear & 2d barcode types using VB.NET code, like QR Code and Code 128 barcode.
Features - Data Matrix Barcode Scanner Control for VB.NET Project
Turotial - VB.NET Data Matrix Barcode Decoding Library
  1. Find and integrate KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.dll into .NET project by adding reference
  2. Use following free sample VB.NET code to detect and read all Data Matrix barcodes from goal image objects
Imports KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader
Dim barcodeValues As String() = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.DATAMATRIX)
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VB.NET Data Matrix Barcode Decoder Control Supported Barcode Types

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