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VB.NET Code 128 Barcode Reader Library
Code 128 barcode decoder SDK can be easily integrated into .NET class project to decode & scan Code128, Code 128a, Code128b, and CoEde128c barcode from image files using Visual Basic .NET class code. VB .NET Code 128 reading scanner control is an easy-to-use barcode reading library rhat can be used in ASP.NET web application, Windows Forms project and Console application.
Features - Code 128 Barcode Scnner Library for VB.NET Class Application
User Manual - Read & Decode Code 128 Barcode From Image Using VB.NET Class Code
  1. Add KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.dll to VB.NET project reference
  2. Input following free VB.NET class code as command string
  3. Then all Code 128 barcodes in the source filw will be detected and read
Imports KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader
Dim barcodeValues As String() = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.CODE128)
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