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C#.NET Data Matrix Barcode Reader & Scanner Library
C#.NET Data Matrix Barcode Reader & Scanner Library is an advanced & mature 2d barcode reading contol, which can be easily integrated into C#.NET class project to read & decode Data Matrix barcode from common image files.
Overview - Data Matrix Barcode Reader Control for C#.NET Class Application
User Manual - C#.NET Data Matrix Barcode Reading & Scanning Control
  1. Download & unzip the trial version of .NET barcode reader package
  2. Add KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.dll to .NET project by adding reference
  3. Copy following C# code to decode & recognize Data Matrix barcode images in .NET class applications
Note: After entering following C# code command string, all Data Matrix barcodes will be decoded from the target image file.
using KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader;
string[] barcodeValues = BarcodeReader.read("your-barcode-image-filename", KeepDynamic.BarcodeReader.Type.DATAMATRIX);
Barcode Types - C#.NET Data Matrix Barcode Reader & Scanner Control

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