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C# .NET Barcode Reader for EAN-8 Recognition

The C# .NET EAN-8 Reader Control SDK is combined into a single DLL file that support scanning and interpreting EAN-8 in the C# .NET applications. It is easy to utilize the C# .NET EAN-8 scanner in .NET projects built in VB .NET or C#. This C# .NET EAN-8 reader can decode EAN-8 images fast in .NET apps.

This C# .NET EAN-8 scanner control component is completely built in C#. It is a 100% managed code reader control generated in C# .NET with strong name signatures and signed DLLs. This C# .NET EAN-8 recognition control is compatible with .NET 2005 and the greater versions. The C# .NET EAN-8 scanning library is able to be integrated into the VB .NET projects and C# .NET apps on desktop, server-side and web service. This reliable product still supports decoding the EAN-8 images in the SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) & Crystal Reports for .NET. EAN-8 images from scanned documents, clipboard and TIFF, JPEG and GIF may be fast decoded by this product. EAN-8 barcodes in multi-page TIFF and multiple EAN-8 barcodes in one image are supported. Perpetual and royalty-free licenses of this library are provided to the developers.

C# .NET Barcode Recognition Reader Control package includes more than 70+ linear (1D) and matrix (2D) barcode readers or scanners, such as:


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.NET Barcode Reader - Licenses & Prices

.NET Barcode Reader
One Server Distribution License Five Server Distribution License Unlimited Server Distribution License Windows Application Distribution License Purchase
Linear Package
includes: Code39, Code128, UPC, EAN, and other linear symbologies
$ 1040 $ 2300 $ 3770 $ 2830
2D + Linear Package
Includes: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, and all Linear barcodes symbologies
$ 1670 $ 3140 $ 4930 $ 3770