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Print POSTNET bar codes in MS Excel documents


Barcode printing add-in for Microsoft Excel is available for users and software developers from our Keepdynamic. With this barcode generator software you create and print POSTNET barcode in your Microsoft Excel documents.
The generation of POSTNET barcode images in Microsoft Excel documents is quick and simple. No programming skills are required. The POSTNET barcode feature integration in Microsoft Office Excel can be finished with a few mouse clicks.


Over 70 Barcode Formats are supported by the Excel Barcode Add-in including linear and 2D barcode symbologies. All barcode parameters are adjustable like barcode types, module width (X dimension), check digit calculation, bar/space ratio, rotation, colors, fonts, alignment etc. Extra configuration dialogs with specific bar code options are provided for 2D barcode symbologies. High level bar-code readability is configured by default parameters of each bar code type. Timesaving barcode plug-in helps you create barcodes in Microsoft Excel documents with a few seconds. Pixel Shaving support allows a barcode quality enhancement technique to optimize printing tolerance or bitmap output.

Steps of Generating and Printing POSTNET Barcodes in Microsoft Excel earlier versions to 2007:

1.Choose Insert Object from the menu and select the KDBarCode.
2.Choose the POSTNET from the Barcode List
3.A POSTNET bar code appears instantly in your Microsoft Excel document.
4.Configure the settings of POSTNET barcodes based on requirements or Choose Default
5.In Excel 2007 click the Insert Controls button in the Developer ribbon.

Approaches of inserting a POSTNET bar code into Microsoft Excel 2007/2010:
1.Switch to the Add-In tab.
2.Open the KDBarCode Panel.
3.Select the barcode type, POSTNET.
4.Enter your barcode data.
5.Adjust the size of POSTNET barcode like width, height, module width etc.
6.Click the button Insert POSTNET Barcode. Done!

Configuration of POSTNET Parameters
1.Right click on the POSTNET object and opens the property pages, which show all bar code parameters in a clear overview.
2.Adjust all POSTNET parameters like font characteristics, module width (X dimension), check digit calculation (and many more) easily.
3.The initial parameters of POSTNET type ensure good bar-code readability by default.