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.NET Barcode ITF-14 Generator for .NET, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET

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.NET ITF14 Introduction

ITF14 is also known as UPC Shipping Container Symbol ITF-14, ITF14, Case Code, UPC Case Code, EAN/UCC-14, EAN-14, UCC-14, DUN-14, GTIN-14

The ITF-14 or UPC Shipping Container Symbol is used to mark cartons, cases, or pallets that contain products which have a UPC or EAN product identification number. The short-hand name for the symbol is "ITF-14", which is an acronym for "Interleaved 2 of 5" (the Barcode Symbology used) and 14 digits (the length of the container symbol).

.NET ITF-14 Barcodes Properties

Class Properties HTTP Parameters Default Comments
SymbologyType symbology-type SymbologyType.Code128 Barcode type. Value for ITF-14 is SymbologyType.ITF14
CodeText code-text "" Barcode value to encode
EnableChecksum enable-checksum true Checksum for barcode value