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.NET Windows Forms Leitcode Barcode Creator Library

generate, display Deutsche Post Leitcode barcode in .NET framework applications


The KeepDynamic Leitcode Barcode DLL Class Library for .NET Windows Forms help you integrate the Leitcode barcode generation features into your .NET projects. The .NET Windows Forms Leitcode Barcode Control can easily and quickly create Leitcode barcodes based on the latest Leitcode barcode standards. The .NET Windows Forms Leitcode Barcode control is easy to use and supports most popular .NET Development Tools like Microsoft Visual Studio2005/2008/2010 and Express Editions.

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.NET Technologies of Leitcode Barcode for Windows Forms

The .NET Leitcode Barcode for Windows Forms is entirely built in C# with 100% managed code, strong named and digitally signed. It is easy to integrate the dynamic and flexible size Leitcode barcodes into your .NET Framework projects with this .NET Leitcode barcode control for Win Forms. No Leitcode barcode fonts are required while printing or saving Leitcode barcodes as various formats of image. It supports .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 and is compatible with .NET languages like VB.NET, C#, and manage C++, etc. Using the .NET Leitcode Barcode DLL for Win Forms, Leitcode bar code images can be delivered from XML Web Services.

Leitcode Barcode images generated by the Windows Forms .NET Leitcode Barcode DLL

Leitcode Barcodes can be saved as byte stream objects as well as images formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP with the use of this .NET Leitcode barcode control. Flexible Leitcode barcode orientation support allows the Leitcode barcode being set to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees. The foreground, background colors and bar color of Leitcode can be defined by the customers. It also supports the printing of high quality Leitcode barcode images even on low resolution printers like thermal printer. Most common 1D scanners can read and recognize the Leitcode barcodes generated by this control from any image and at any angle.

Customization of Leitcode Barcode for .NET Window Forms

Various Leitcode barcode customizing options support allows the Leitcode barcodes generated by the .NET Windows Forms Leitcode Barcode Control to be configured with specific requirements and the customizations is simple and easy. With .NET Leitcode Barcode DLL for Windows Forms, the x-dimension, captions and Leitcode barcode resolution can be configured to meet requirements. The developers can also adjust the control canvas to fit the .NET Leitcode barcode at design or at runtime. Automatic computation support allows the checksum or check digits of Leitcode barcode symbologies to be computed automatically. And values to be encoded can be automatically validated.

Source code and Developer License

C# source code and VB.NET source code of Leitcode .NET Windows Forms Barcode DLL are available with the purchase of developer license.

.NET Windows Forms Barcode Generator Tutorial

Add barcode creating features into .NET projects using .NET Windows Forms barcode control