You choose who is going to have changed rights by typing U for user9g for g r o ~ pand o for , others followed by + to give several rights or to take away rights. Then the ri away are specified. It is possible to have several ~igns/symbols for and should affect (for example, q), which rights are involved (for example, nu), We will illustrate this with a new example:
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The fdisk command is one that is available on many different operating systems (although it looks and behaves differently on each). In Linux, fdisk is a menu-based command. To use fdisk to list all your partitions, type the following (as root user):
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Output Devices
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11/25/20X1 11/25/20X1 11/25/20X1 CASH SALES REVENUE COST OF GOODS SOLD $260,000 260,000 100,000
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In the example above, it would have been possible to save the account system with such a retention policy.
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1 - Introduction
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The basic principle behind the usage of Homeric verses in magical contexts is analogical. Richard Heim, who compiled the rst important collection of Greek and Roman literary verses used in magic, expressed this well when he wrote that some verses as it were agree with the magical action or the disease to be healed (nonnulli tamen versus cum actione magica vel cum morbo sanando quasi cohaerent).20 This means that the choice of a given verse is determined by how well the action within it coheres with the desired magical action. More recently, scholars have emphasized the narrative context from which a given verse is taken, as in the example of Empedocles above, as a determining factor in the magical analogy that underlies its use.21 Others have related the selection of Homeric verses to the use of verses from sacred books for healing, in which a broader, mythic underpinning is tapped for its power to transform present circumstances.22 It has also been argued, for example by invoking notions of traditional referentiality , that the selection of a Homeric verse evokes a larger and more echoic narrative context than the verse itself.23 But this observation applies most strictly only to the earliest examples that we nd, as for instance in Lucian. In Lucian s Charon (7.12 13) the god Hermes says that he can heal Charon s short-sightedness quite easily by taking a charm from the Iliad, and he recites Iliad 5.127 28, where the goddess Athena is aiding the hero Diomedes in his aristeia or moment of valor against the Trojans. The verses that describe how she invests him with courage and the divine ability to distinguish gods from mortals form the charm Hermes takes for Charon (Iliad 5.127 28):
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TABLE 22-2
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Like a Greek tragedy, Jack Walters and Alexander Athanas played out that kind of mismatch to its unfor tunate end. Jack had recently been named vice-president of marketing. This was a lateral transfer from production, with the twin goals of broadening his experience and using his considerable skills in the crucial (but underdeveloped) marketing area. With his engineering training and production background, Jack was used to solving problems himself and taking them to his boss only when he was stuck. He liked things tidy and wanted to be on top of all issues. Alex, the company president, had come up through marketing. His experience (and personal style) made him comfor table with messy problems. He wanted to hear about diff iculties when they f irst arose. He didn t necessarily have to solve every problem himself; he was amenable to a subordinate s saying, after they had discussed the various options: I hear your input and cer tainly will consider it carefully, but I want to handle this on my own. What Alex needed most was to be kept informed and to feel that he had been listened to. Jack s and Alex s opposite styles led to polarization, then suspicion, distrust, and even paranoia. When Alex was concerned about something, he would ask Jack if there were any problems. Jack would hear this as any problems that you can t solve and say no. Alex would think that Jack was withholding information and probe even fur ther. Jack would feel his competence was being questioned and become even more circumspect. From Jack s point of view, the problem was Alex: Damn it, he thought, he is paying me good money to be head of marketing; why doesn t he let me manage I guess he really wants to run marketing himself. Jack s failure to recognize the par t that his own style played in this problem meant that the problem grew and grew, until the point that Alex saw Jack as not only disloyal but also sneaky and untrustwor thy. The problem ended one day when Alex strode into Jack s off ice and f ired him.
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The cupsd daemon process listens for requests to your CUPS print server and responds to those requests based on settings in the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file. The configuration variables in cupsd.conf file are in the same form as those in the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf). Red Hat s Printer Configuration window adds access information to the cupsd.conf file. For other Linux systems, you may need to configure the cupsd.conf file manually. You can step through the cupsd.conf file to further tune your CUPS server. Let s take a look at some of the settings in the cupsd.conf file. No classification is set by default. With the classification set to topsecret, you can have Top Secret displayed on all pages that go through the print server:
The NewFile function can be used in much the same way. The key difference is that you pass NewFile the file path you want to create, instead of a folder path, such as:
THE IT SOLUTION/PROJECTFedEx is e-Shipping Tools, a Web-based A prime software application used by
There are two options for the AutoReport: Columnar and Tabular.
Some Linux distributions come with their own set of graphical administration tools (such as SUSE s YaST or Red Hat s system-config tools). You should generally use those instead of any Web-based interface that comes with a project because a distribution s own tools are usually better integrated with its tools for starting and stopping services.
Aclientrequest consists of a cornandand possibly headers.Arequest might look like this:
Selectively lightening or darkening localized areas in the photo has traditionally been referred to as dodging (lightening) and burning (darkening). Most photos can benefit from some amount of dodging and/or burning; Figure 4 70 shows a subtle example.
Part V
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