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11. Mount the /boot partition. Mount the boot partition so you can install boot files to that partition:
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n 9, you worked with simple single-table queries using the Pets table. Using a query to obtain information from a single table is common; often, however, you need information from several related tables. For example, you may want to obtain a customer s name and the type of pets the customer owns. In this chapter, you learn how to use more than one table to obtain information.
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Recent improvements to auto-detecting and mounting removable devices have meant that you can simply insert or plug in those devices to have them detected, mounted, and displayed. However, to make the process of detecting and mounting remote NFS file systems more automatic, you still need to use a facility such as autofs (short for automatically mounted file systems). The autofs facility will mount network file systems on demand when someone tries to use the file systems. With the autofs facility configured and turned on, you can cause any NFS shared directories to mount on demand. To use the autofs facility, you need to have the autofs package installed. (For Fedora, you can type yum install autofs or for Debian type apt-get install autofs to install the package from the network.) With autofs enabled, if you know the hostname and directory being shared by another host computer, simply change (cd) to the autofs mount directory (/net by default). This causes the shared resource to be automatically mounted and made accessible to you. The following steps explain how to turn on the autofs facility:
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fs = new ActiveXObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ); f = fs.GetFolder(smenu); fc = new Enumerator(f.Files); s = ; for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext()) { f1 = fs.GetFile(fc.item()); s += + \r\n } return (s) } function NewMenu(sfolder, mname) { var s; s = False var ws = WScript.CreateObject( WScript.Shell ); pmenu = ws.SpecialFolders(sfolder); if (sfolder == AllUsersPrograms || sfolder == AllUsersStart || sfolder == Programs || sfolder == StartMenu ) { fs = new ActiveXObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ); var foldr = fs.CreateFolder(pmenu + \\ + mname) s = True } return(s) } function AddMenuOption(sfolder, mname, sname, stype, starget) { var ws = WScript.CreateObject( WScript.Shell ); pmenu = ws.SpecialFolders(sfolder); var scut = ws.CreateShortcut(pmenu + \\ + mname + \\ + sname + . + stype); scut.TargetPath = starget; scut.Save() } function CopyFile2Desktop(filePath) { var fs, test; var ws = WScript.CreateObject( WScript.Shell ); pmenu = ws.SpecialFolders( Desktop ); continued
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28 Programming Environments and Interfaces
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Complete desktop environments that run in Linux can rival desktop systems from any operating system. KDE and GNOME are the most popular desktop environments available today for Linux. For people who want a sleeker, more lightweight desktop environment, a variety of simple window managers (Blackbox, FVWM, twm, FluxBox, and many others) are available to use in Linux as well. The KDE desktop is well known for its large set of integrated applications (office productivity tools, games, multimedia, and other applications). GNOME has the reputation of being a more basic, business-oriented desktop. Most Linux distributions such as Slackware and Gentoo offer GNOME and KDE desktops that aren t changed much from how they are delivered from those desktop projects. Other Linux systems (such as Fedora) put their own look-and-feel over GNOME and KDE desktops. While the latest Windows systems won t run on many older 486 and Pentium machines, you can use an efficient Linux system such as Slackware, add a lightweight window manager, and get reasonably good performance with your desktop system on those machines.
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When a transaction does time out while waiting to gain a lock, a 1222 error is raised.
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Figure 9-10. Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Message Header.
The <bean:cookie /> tag is used to retrieve the value of an HTTP cookie. It can be used to retrieve single or multiple cookie values. The retrieved cookie(s) are stored in a page scoped attribute of type Cookie (or Cookie[] if there is more than one HTTP cookie). If the named cookie is not found and no default value is specified, then a request time exception is thrown. The <bean:cookie /> tag has no body and supports four attributes, described in Table 13.1.
Gwmi win32_logicalDisk Get-WMIObject has an alias, GWMI. If only one parameter is passed to it without naming it, then it is assumed to be Class. In this shortened version, the Namespace has been omitted. Windows has a default namespace and this starts as one named root\CIMv2, but it can be changed from the
The IGP in the network must be hierarchical when LDPoRSVP is deployed and ABRs use the tunnel-in-tunnel technique to stitch RSVP-TE LSPs from two different areas together using LDP-LSP. Normally, when IGP hierarchy is deployed, the ABRs summarize/aggregate routes within each area before advertising the routes into other areas. This is to reduce the number of routes an intra-area router must carry. When using LDPoRSVP tunneling, the system IP addresses of all ABRs and
Time scaling. A sequence of time values have a certain sequential relationship from the low end tothe high end. The maximum time minus the minimum time, divided by the number of time values, is the time scale factor. Time sequence. An x (n) time sample within a time sequence has two attributes, amplitude and position within the sequence, and x (n) in this book is always a real number. A sequence has a positive-time rst half and a negative-time second half. Two-sided. A sequence from 0 to N 1 is divided into the sequences 0 to N /2 1 and N /2 + 1 to N 1. Point N /2 is usually treated separately. Variance. The ac component of a complex signal. The rms value of the ac component is the positive square root of the variance. Wave analysis. An algorithm to determine the properties of a signal. The properties include frequency spectrum, time waveform, amplitude, recordlength, period, power, statistics, harmonics, convolution, various transform values, and random properties. Window function. A function such as rectangular Hanning, or Hamming that is used for windowing operations. Windowing. A time or frequency record is multiplied by a window function that modi es the time and/or frequency properties of the record in order to make the record more desirable in some respect.
Shell Scripting Basics
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