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Network Layer ReachabilityInformation: IP Prefix Length = 24 bits, IP subnet mask []
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Use Worksheet 4.12 here. EXECUTIVES Be able to answer this question: Why pay for inconvenience Without education, executives will see CEM as an inconvenience that costs money. Following your impact analysis, demonstrate the impact of malicious content on the organization s most sensitive assets. Show them how investing in CEM lowers their potential impact. Keep things simple; communicate in terms of impact, cost, then lowered impact. Show related benefits. Your CEM systems plan can, in the end, reduce your organization s administrative burden by reducing the number of problems with software compatibility and administration. This is the case because interactions and problems arising between applications can be limited, simply because the entire allowable set of applications resident in your organization is reduced to only those that have been approved. This is an example of a nonsecurity-related benefit that CEM can bring, one that can save the company money.
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COST. The cost of a data warehouse can be very high, both to build and to maintain. Furthermore, it may dif cult and expensive to incorporate data from obsolete legacy systems. Finally, there may be a lack of incentive to share data. Therefore, a careful feasibility study must be undertaken before a commitment is made to data warehousing.
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The deployment descriptor is comprised of information used by the EJB compiler and the container at runtime. In the deployment descriptor the <home> and <remote> tags define the home and remote interfaces, respectively, that we defined earlier. The <ejb-class> tag defines the name of the bean class. The <persistence-type> tag declares that the bean uses container-managed persistence. And the <cmp-field> tag provides the list of persistent fields. Listing 16-2 shows the deployment descriptor for the PassengerBean.
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where G(E, N) is the number of states in the vicinity of energy E for a system of mass number N. The rst factor on the right-hand side is contributed by the states in the
JDBC: Java Database Connectivity by Bernard Van Haecke IDG Books, IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. ISBN: 0764531441 Pub Date: 10/01/97
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There are several objects in the model involved in encapsulating and forwarding VPN service traffic between the two PE routers: Packet Switching Network (PSN) tunnels such as MPLS or General Rouging Encapsulation (GRE; also known as IP-in-IP) tunnels that transport traffic to the far-end PE router. PSN tunnels belong to the service provider s network infrastructure and can be shared by multiple services. Pseudowires established over the PSN tunnel between two PE routers to carry the traffic for that service. Pseudowires for different services can share the same PSN tunnel. The service s vc-label (service label) is used as an identifier (or a de-multiplexer) that allows the receiving PE to distinguish which traffic belongs to the different pseudowires over the same PSN tunnel. Locally destined VPN traffic egresses to the customer site in native format over an attachment circuit. The PWE3 model demonstrates the case of a point-to-point service, in which two CE devices and two PE routers are involved. The same architecture applies to multipoint services such as VPLS. In the case of multipoint services, additional PE
6 8 10 12 Average SNR per Bit of First Path [dB] (a)
(a) IN PROPOSAL COMPARISON. The issue of retained costs must first be dealt with when modeling vendor proposals for the purposes of comparison. Those cost elements that the customer will continue to bear after the outsourcing agreement has been completed need to be added to vendor fees to perform an accurate comparison. Before the receipt of vendor proposals, an initial calculation of retained costs can be undertaken, but the exact determination of retained costs will need to be reconsidered with each proposal. Each vendor will propose solutions that may affect the determination of retained costs. There may be slight variances in the base proposal, assuming the customer put together a wellwritten RFP. In addition, the vendor may come back with alternative proposals that have significant ramifications. A good example of the latter situation might occur as part of a data center outsourcing situation. The requirement for the original proposal is to include the standard mainframe computer processing functions, including processing, data storage, and output services. One vendor might propose an additional alternative solution where the client performs the output services (e.g., printing, microfiche, plotting). The client, in this second scenario, would retain hardware, facilities, personnel, and possibly, software costs. This second scenario, even with the retained costs, may be the lowest overall cost solution. An accurate modeling of all the vendor charges, coupled with the client-retained costs, is the only way to arrive at this conclusion.
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