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GPS Satellites
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(3.2-1 1 ) is called principal transmittance of the polarizer. Obviously it becomes infinity for an ideal polarizer. Other characteristics could be derived from Eq. (3.2-1 l), but for their definition the reader could refer to Shurcliff s monograph (1 962). When a polarizer is rotated with respect to the polarization plane of already polarized incident radiation the transmitted intensity obeys the law of Malus (3.2- 12) where evidently I0 and I are incident and emerging intensities and is t) the angle between the polarization plane of the incident light and that of the polariLer. Let us consider several types of polarizers:
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The ALTER TABLE...SWITCH TO command will move the new table into a speci c partition. To determine the empty target partition, select the database Summary page Disk Usage report:
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The UpdateCtr field in the form is compared to the value of the UpdateCtr field in the table. If the two values are different, then the record was updated in between the time that the record was displayed on the form and the time that the user pressed the Save button. A message prompts the user to go ahead and overwrite the record in the table with the user s changes, or to cancel the user s update. To update the existing record, the values in the form s fields are copied to the recordset s field and the recordset is updated. The code to update the recordset is shown below:
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Figure 17.24 MAC-Flush Propagation from I-VPLS to B-VPLS in an IB-PE Router
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4. The query optimization plan is either generated or pulled from memory. Any required locks are applied, and the data modi cations, including index updates, page splits, and any other required system operations, are performed in memory. At this point the data pages in memory are different from those that are stored in the data le. The following section continues the chronological walk through the process.
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If the entered password is correct, the forward() method passes the request and response objects from LoginServlet to MainServlet, and from then on MainServlet interacts with the user. If the password is not correct, LostPassword servlet will be in charge. (See The Lost Password screen example, later in this chapter, for details.) If the first servlet needs to stay in control and include its own output to the response object as well as the output produced by another servlet or JSP, the include() method should be used instead of forward(). For example:
Texas Comptroller of ACS Public Accounts Texas Comptroller of ACS Public Accounts Texas Department of Logicon Inc. Protective and Regulatory Services
Designing Next-Generation User Experiences
In the method of one-to-one backup, each LSP-Path has its own set of pre-signaled detour LSPs. For LSP-Paths with different characters, operators may want to configure different types of protection. In one-to-one backup, each LSP can have its own detour LSPs with different hop limits and protection types (link or node). One-toone backup has better granularity than facility backup but consumes more resources (more protecting LSPs are required). When a failure happens, each protected LSP uses its own detour LSP to protect the traffic. When an HE router has an LSP configured with one-to-one backup, it sends the PATH message indicating the type of FRR desired in the following manner:
Secure Sockets Layer
Remember that if a table field name changes in your query, you need to change your report design. If you see a dialog box asking for the value of a specific field when you run your report or the text #Error appears in place of one of your values after you run it chances are that a table field has changed.
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6: The Next Generation: IPv6
Use a small set of photos for setup If you re building a Web gallery with lots of photos, changing templates and settings can result in slow performance. For the fastest response from the Web module, consider using a small, temporary set of photos to create your layouts. You can easily do this with Use: Selected Photos and just select a few of your photos from the full collection using the Filmstrip. Then, when you ve finished your setup, change Use: back to All Filmstrip Photos.
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