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When you want to make a field size smaller, make sure that none of the data in the table is larger than the new field width. (If it is, the existing data will be truncated.) Text data types should be made as small as possible to take up less storage space.
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people down very easily. Special agents enter some information about the suspect into the computer, click a few keys, and voila, the suspect is found. Among the hardest to find, however, are people with common names like John Smith. So one of the few ways left to hide from the FBI is to hide in plain view, by being part of a crowd. This problem has complicated U.S. efforts to prevent bombers from boarding planes. There are a large number of people, for example, with the name Mohammad. Thus, many international flights have been cancelled because of mistaken identity. In the case of markets, the opportunities exist, but the lizard brain is built not to be able to see them. During the dot-com bubble, the unprofitable Internet retailer Etoys was worth more than the profitable, and much larger, Toys R Us. Recognizing that Etoys was irrationally priced (and in fact soon went out of business) didn t require any fancy math. While profitable investing doesn t require mathematical prowess, it does require a willingness to learn about the irrationality in oneself, in others, and in markets. Becoming a successful investor requires a keen understanding of human frailty, including one s own limitations. We ve encountered many of those limitations in 2. Two additional aspects of the lizard brain are harmful to investing success. The first is our desire to conform, and the second is the fact that our emotions really do seem to be out of sync with financial markets both of which tend to lose us money.
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+ or Ctrl+ Make a virtual copy of selected photo(s)
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1. Using a cable provided with your digital camera, connect your camera to the USB or COM port on your computer (I had better luck with the USB port). 2. Set your camera to Send and Receive mode. 3. From the main menu on your desktop, choose Graphics Digital Camera Tool. The gtkam window appears. 4. Select Camera Add Camera. The Select Camera window appears. 5. Click the down arrow next to the Model box, select your camera, and click Detect. 6. Click Apply, and then click OK. Your camera model should be listed in the gtkam window. 7. To begin downloading images from your digital camera, click the camera name that appears in the left column, and then select the folder containing the images from that camera. After the images download (which can take a while), thumbnails appear in the main gtkam.
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Component interface This defines the bean s business methods and constitutes its public representation to the outside world. Although the bean provider specifies this interface, it is the container that creates a class that implements it. The component interface is either remote (in which case it extends javax.ejb.EJBObject, which also extends java.rmi.Remote) or it is local (in which case it extends javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject). Typically this interface is referred to as the EJB object. Home interface This defines the bean s lifecycle methods for creating, removing, and finding beans. As with the component interface, this interface comes in two flavors: remote (extending javax.ejb.EJBHome) and local (extending javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome). Bean class This class provides implementations of the business methods, such as reserving a seat on a particular flight. The bean class typically does not implement the home or component interfaces; however, it must have matching methods for the component interface and corresponding methods for some of the home interface. Each bean type has its own interface, all of which extend javax.ejb.EnterpriseBean. This being the case, you won t be surprised to learn of the javax.ejb.SessionBean, javax.ejb.EntityBean and javax.ejb.MessageDrivenBean interfaces. Primary key This class is the route to uniquely identifying a bean. A primary key can be very simple and provide a pointer into a database. The only real requirement is that it be serializable and override the equals method. Only entity beans need a primary key, because they represent persistent state. If two entity beans have the same home and primary keys they are considered identical. Figure 14-4 shows the relationship among the interfaces, the EJB object, and the EJB class; the primary key is not shown though it is used by the EJBObject.
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example, could exploit it. Security Issues Security issues apply to stand-alone applications, JDBC and untrusted applets, and firewalls.
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Mixing sounds
that we are, in and of ourselves, our own unique brand identity. We are each a perfect brand that exists on the inside and just needs to be seen on the outside. Go back to that original reason for your creation as an individual or as an organization. Remember the passion or at least the reason you felt you needed to start something new as opposed to copying something else. Go back to the moment when you felt that there wasn t another person or company that existed, able to do what the new one could do. However we develop our personal brand, it should be in harmony with how we build our professional brands. Whatever we are, in terms of our essence and our de ning characteristics, it should be carried through our organizations, corporations, and associations. These are the type of brands that endure through good times and bad times. Your truth is your greatest asset. Whatever your true stories are, they don t cease to be true when you walk out of your home and into your of ce. It is easy for us to recognize brands on products, whether automobiles or cups of coffee. Everyone understands that BMW is a brand and Starbucks is a brand. When someone asks for detergent or a package of cigarettes, they are asked what brand they use or smoke. Now make the leap from consumer products to people. Celebrities know well that they have a brand image because they ve learned how much they need to protect it. Tom Hanks actively protects his brand by choosing the movies that he does and the merchandise that carries his name carefully. Oprah and Martha Stewart have extended their brand to everything from magazines to wallpaper. The moment they go off-brand is the moment they confuse the people they in uence and the people who depend on them to make their lives easier. It is easy for us to think of big movie stars and celebrities as a kind of a corporation in themselves and therefore having a brand. But brands are not based on the size of the entity. Brands have no minimum size requirement. And the worst thing to do is to wait until you become famous or you think you are important enough before you start taking care of your brand. What will it take to convince yourself (because no one else can) that you are worthy of a de ning brand that needs protection
Converting a table to the first normal form is relatively simple. The first rule calls for the elimination of any repeating groups of data moving repeating data into their own tables. Here s a practical rule to follow: Eliminate Repeating Groups that is, move fields that are of a repeating nature to their own table.
Database Snapshots
The description given above is appropriate for work at accelerators, where one has a beam of particles that is smaller than the target. In this case, the beam intensity
Information Systems
Part III Choosing and Installing a Linux Distribution
With the df -h option, output appears in a friendlier megabyte or gigabyte listing. Other options with df enable you to do the following: n Print only file systems of a particular type (-t type) n Exclude file systems of a particular type (-x type) n Include file systems that have no space, such as /proc and /dev/pts (-a) n List only available and used inodes (-i) n Display disk space in certain block sizes (--block-size=#)
Sending e-mail and attachments
trans-conductance 27-28 trench MOSFETs 22-23
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