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2.4 Interface metaphors
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Part III
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In Fig. 15.2, channel capacity without diversity, < C >ORA , given by (15.26), as well as its asymptotic approximation (15.28), are plotted against . This gure also displays the capacity per unit bandwidth of an AWGN channel, CAWGN given in (15.22). With these results we nd, for example, that
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Cartoon characters have neat tricks that help them avoid disaster. When one of our heroes is trapped in a falling house, the solution is simple. Just as the house is about to crash into the ground, Bugs, Daffy, the Road Runner, and others simply step out of the house. They walk away from the wreck with nary a scratch. While we cannot exit falling houses without injury, we can leave behind declining currencies. For the last few years, my wife and I have owned a good-sized position in bonds issued by the German Central Bank. The bonds pay low interest rates of no more than 4.5% annually. In spite of the low interest rates we have been earning more than 10% a year on our German bonds. The payoff from owning euro bonds is the interest rate plus the change in the currency. For example, we bought some of these German bonds in 2001. At the time each U.S. dollar bought 1.1 euros. For each $1,000 that we invested we received more than 1,100 euros worth of bonds. When those bonds matured a year later, the 1,100 euros had grown to 1,133 euros (3% interest rate). Furthermore the dollar had declined in value so the dollar value was almost $1,150. So in one year these euro bonds earned 3% interest plus more than 10% in currency change for a 15% return. To avoid being hurt by a falling U.S. currency, the goal is to escape the falling house. The protection is to own investments in nondollar currencies. A simple and effective solution is to buy non-U.S. stocks and nonU.S. bonds.
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Figure 12-52. SNMPv 1/SNMPv2 Proxy Agent Operation.
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Figure 2-8: The Choose detailed installation options button for each Microsoft Office product. You can click on the plus sign (+) to expand the options beneath each application.
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DELETE [FROM] schema.Table [FROM data sources] [WHERE condition(s)];
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One reason to do this is to avoid recompiling files that haven t changed. If you change the source code only in file3.c, for example, you don t need to recompile file1.c and file2.c to recreate progname. Another reason to compile source code files individually before linking them to create the executable is to avoid longrunning compilation. Compiling multiple files in a single gcc invocation can take a while if one of the source code modules is really lengthy. Let s take a look at an example that creates a single binary executable from multiple source code files. The example program named newhello is comprised of a C source code file, main.c (see Listing 29-1); a header file, msg.h (see Listing 29-2); and another C source code file, msg.c (see Listing 29-3).
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# Save news errors of level crit and higher in a special file. uucp,news.crit /var/log/spooler # Save boot messages also to boot.log local7.* # # INN # news.=crit news.=err news.notice
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4 SAX Document Parse and Read
Choose Data Phases Corresponding to max Re{yni} = max ni z
Security Stack Worksheet for Privacy
And again,
Installing and Configuring Tomcat
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