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The term action query defines a query that does something more than simply select a specific group of records and then present it to you in a dynaset. The word action suggests performing some operation doing, influencing, or affecting something. The word is synonymous with operation, performance, and work. This is exactly what an action query does some specific operation or work. An action query can be considered a select query that is given a duty to perform against a specified group of records in the dynaset.
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FIGURE 26.11 When controls overlap, the Z-order determines which one the Label control in this figure is on top.
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Then you can start the client:
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6.1.6 Performance Measurement Monitoring and Reporting on Security Processes to Ensure that Objectives are Achieved What level of performance measurement will be sufficient to guide the security program and maintain an acceptable level of security What are the requirements for performance measurement and monitoring Assuming that it is apparent that it will be difficult to manage what is not being measured, decisions must be made about the state of performance measurement itself, based on information regarding some of the following questions: Are there adequate performance measures in place for strategic, tactical, and operational elements Are all key controls monitored in some fashion that will indicate effectiveness Are there measures of key control reliability Will there be a clear and timely indication of control failure Is the management process itself measured and monitored KGI s can include: The time it takes to detect and report security-related incidents. Incident response is typically more effective the sooner it responds before an incident becomes a problem. KGIs will be the times it takes to detect, respond to, and resolve incidents. The number and frequency of subsequently discovered unreported incidents. Undetected incidents and compromises poses a considerable risk as evidenced by frequent headlines such as TJX, which did not discover the theft of over 46 million credit card records for, reportedly, over a year. The KGI would be similar to the foregoing one in terms of the acceptable time to detect incidents or incidents subsequently uncovered by external auditors or others. The ability to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of metrics. Metrics are only useful to the extent that they are accurate, reliable, and cost-effective. The KGI is metrics on management and operational metrics in terms of validating accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Clear indications that security objectives are being met. All defined objectives need to have predetermined measures of success. The KGIs are those measures agreed to indicate success of any particular activity. Threat and vulnerability management. Knowledge and monitoring of impending threats and vulnerabilities is important to successful outcomes. The KGI would be processes to track and monitor emerging threats and vulnerabilities and assess potential exposure and impacts. Consistency or effectiveness of log review practices. Log reviews are a useful monitoring and detection practice frequently not performed. The KGI
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LESSONS FROM THIS opening case LEARNEDthat a solution CASE scheduling and other The illustrates to complex problems can be enhanced with the use of an intelligent decision support system (DSS). As a matter of fact, the DSS software supported several important decisions. We also learned that decisions are supported both in operational and HRM areas. Furthermore, much of the case illustrates the concepts of optimization and quantitative analysis. Finally, the Web is playing an increasing role in facilitating the use of such systems. This chapter is dedicated to describing computer and Web support to managerial decision makers. We begin by reviewing the manager s job and the nature of today s decisions, which help explain why computerized support is needed. Then we present the concepts and methodology of the computerized decision support system for supporting individuals, groups, and whole organizations. Next, we introduced several types of intelligent systems and their role in decision support. Finally, the topic of decision support in the Web environment is described. A discussion of intelligent agents and their role in decision support appears in an online appendix to the chapter.
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Node Address
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It should be noted that three data types -BIT STRING,NsapAddress, and UInteger32 - were defined in the original version of the SNMPv2 SMI (RFC 1442), but were removed from the subsequent version of the SNMPv2 SMI (RFC 1902). The SNMPv2 SMI also extends the OBJECT-TYPE macro, which conveys the syntax and semantics of a managed object. This macro has been enhanced from versions defined in RFC 1155 and RFC 1212. In the TYPE NOTATION, a new UNITS clause contains a textual definition of the units associated with that object. Examples include packets, messages, or seconds. The MAX-ACCESS clause defines the maximum level of access for an object. In other words, this clause determines whether it makes sense within the proper operation of the protocol to read, write, and/or create an instance of an object. The values are ordered from least to greatest accessibility: not-
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Threat Research; Vulnerability Research; CERT Notifications
The <jsp:param> action provides parameters and values to the JSP standard actions <jsp:include>, <jsp:forward>, and <jsp:plugin>. The syntax of the <jsp:param> action is as follows:
VPLS Mesh SAP 1 PE-1 PE-3 SAP 3 CE-3
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