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In the case of sorting by an expression, the entire expression can be repeated in the ORDER BY clause. This does not cause a performance hit because the SQL Server Query Optimizer is smart enough to avoid recomputing the expression:
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Using Blend, you can integrate your Windows Forms applications with your WPF applications in two ways: you can add Windows Forms controls into the XAML code file, or you can add Windows Forms controls into the code-behind file.
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The decay constant l represents the average probability per nucleus of decay occurring per unit time. Therefore, we are taking the probability of decay per nucleus, l, and multiplying it by the number of nuclei present so as to get the rate of particle emission. The units of rate are (disintegration of nuclei/time) making the units of the decay constant (1/time), that is, probability/time of decay. To convert the preceding word equations to mathematical statements using symbols, let N represent the number of radioactive nuclei present at time t. Then, using differential calculus, the preceding word equations may be written as dN /N dt dN lN dt
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22 Understanding J2EE Web Services
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Account manager supported by . . . Customer demographics
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Function IP-ping IP-trace-route LSP-ping LSP-trace SDP-mtu
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Frameworks improve development and testing by providing the following benefits: Greater developer productivity A framework aligns with the business developer and requirements to enable the developer to be productive immediately. Less coding Much of what was custom code is now replaced entirely by the framework or has become framework configuration; this is a benefit in terms of development as well as testing, as there is less code to test. Greater consistency Many similar development challenges are usually encountered by different team members and solved in different ways; by employing a framework you create a consistent approach for use across the application. Immediate results By streamlining the mapping of requirements to functionality, you reduce the time necessary for development. This allows for more and faster iterations, which produce a higher-quality product. Greater flexibility The loose coupling provided by the framework creates flexibility, in response to both changing business requirements and a changing technology landscape. More effective architects The structure provided by the framework enables the architects to spend their time making critical decisions instead of being stretched thin in an effort to enforce best practices (which the framework does for them). More effective managers A big challenge for a project manager is dividing up the work and assigning the right resources to the right people, both of which are more easily done within the structure of the framework.
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3Com Bridge
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As with the input commands, the firewall accepts outgoing packets that come from any of the local firewall interfaces (,, and 323.45.67.89). It also accepts outgoing packets associated with destinations on the private LAN ( and
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<!ELEMENT rectangle EMPTY> <!ATTLIST rectangle height CDATA #IMPLIED width CDATA #IMPLIED>
iid (x)}i,j
% zsh -l This is the This is the This is the This is the This is the This is the % /etc/zshenv file. .zshenv file in HOME. /etc/zprofie file. .zprofile file in HOME. /etc/zlogin file. .zlogin file in HOME.
Many different organizational and typographical features throughout this book are designed to help you get the most of the information. Whenever the author wants to bring something important to your attention the information will appear in a Caution, Note, Tip, or Warning.
Setting Up a Samba File Server
Authenticating Principals
SELECT (2 + FROM EmployeeID, Salary, + ((YearsCompany * .1) + (MonthPosition * .02) (Performance * .5)) * RaiseFactor) / 100 AS EmpRaise (SELECT EmployeeID, FirstName, LastName, Salary, CAST(CAST(DATEDIFF(d, DateHire, 20090625 ) AS DECIMAL(7, 2)) / 365.25 AS INT) AS YearsCompany, CAST(CAST(DATEDIFF(d, DatePosition, 20090625 ) AS DECIMAL(7, 2)) / 365.25 * 12 AS INT) AS MonthPosition, CASE WHEN Employee.PerformanceRating >= 2 THEN Employee.PerformanceRating ELSE 0 END AS Performance, Dept.RaiseFactor FROM dbo.Employee JOIN dbo.Dept ON Employee.DeptID = Dept.DeptID) AS SubQuery
Customizing the switchboards
Adding vector objects
$ cat test9 #!/bin/bash var1=`echo " scale=4; 3.44 / 5" | bc` echo The answer is $var1 $
Part III Using Access in Your Work
Inventory and Supplier Management
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