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Figure 7-5
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Order Operation
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The connection les in this section contain long lines that may not be broken onto multiple lines. Unfortunately, they appear that way in print due to space limitations. In the samples below, make sure to continue indented text on the previous line.
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Part IV
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All servers "freeze," and therefore everything is stuck, including workstations (e.g. workstations without disks]. Down messages such as these from frustrated users can mean many different things, from a minor fault in an application to a major server or network fault. What faults like these have in common is that the system administrator must react.The technical term for the fire fighting management method is reactiue management -we are again faced with the term react.The problem with management according to this philosophy is in fact that one is always supposed to react - one does nothing before the fault has occurred, and may have already caused much damage to the company.What most faults have in common is that they cost money (at least in downtime), and faults must therefore be rectified as quickly as possible. Possible sources of errors when the message that the network is down is heard are:
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is 8. An b~lronel a big security risk - In many ways. lhis myth ran be tmc. Connecting machlnes in R nctwork always poses a aaicly risk The point is that a n intranrt does not entall greater Snfee(y risks than other technologies. especially il' the lntranet Is not connecled to the Internet.
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In the second business case, a magazine publisher wants to cut down on the number of fraudulent transactions being conducted over its Web site. One way to do this is to monitor what external sites are connecting to the publisher s e-commerce system. Two approaches are possible: The application can perform a reverse lookup on the customer s system for all transactions and log the information along with the publisher s internal record of the sale. This approach has a couple of advantages. The reverse lookup can be performed asynchronously, so the user doesn t need to wait for the reverse lookup in order to receive confirmation. Also, many machines connected to the Internet don t have reverse lookup entries in DNS, even though there isn t anything nefarious about them. This is especially true of users who use dialup Internet access. The application can perform a double reverse lookup, attempting to check the domain name from the IP address and then to turn the domain name back into an IP address to compare the two values. While it is used by some FTP and SMTP servers this is not a good approach for a consumer-oriented e-commerce application. Too many legitimate customers are likely to be turned away because of DNS configuration issues. Even though the second option, the double reverse lookup, is out of the question, let s look at some code for it. First, here s the code for a basic reverse lookup:
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SetOption(optionConstantOrValue, integerValue)
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IP/MPLS-based VPN networks help enable a variety of applications and services: Business (Enterprise) VPN Services These may include Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 VPN services. Internet Enhanced Services (IES) with Advanced QoS, Accounting, and Security Policies The IES service is a routed IP service, and Layer 2 VPN may be used as the mechanism to backhaul traffic for an Ethernet, FR, or ATM access circuit. Triple Play Services BTV, VoD, VoIP, and Internet access. All services are differentiated by an advanced QoS policy to ensure quality of service delivery and the effective use of free bandwidth. Mobile Backhauling Services Using VLL or VPLS to enable connectivity between the base stations and the mobile core By introducing the IP/MPLS Layer 2 VPN solution to the service provider s network, many new applications are made available to service providers. Service providers can build a converged network serving a wide variety of customers with different service requirements. Two new and upcoming solutions are the Triple Play solution and the Mobile Backhauling solution, introduced in the following sections.
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If no window manager is found, or if you get a window manager you don t want such as twm, create a $HOME/.xinitrc file and indicate the file manager to use. For example, to use fluxbox as your window manager, add the following line to your .xinitrc file:
# passwd mary Changing password for user mary. New password: ******* Retype new password: *******
Table 12.1: The Subelements of an <icon /> Entry Description Contains a path relative to the location of the Struts configuration file; it names a graphics file that contains a 16x16 pixel iconic image. large icon Contains a path relative to the location of the Struts configuration file; it names a graphics file that contains a 32x32 pixel iconic image. The following code snippet contains an example of how we can use these <icon /> subelements:
Best Practice
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In some cells (e.g., neutrophils) a phospholipase D generates phosphatidic acid during agonist-stimulated cellular activation. Phosphatidic acid then regulates secretory and degranulation responses, possibly by recruiting other proteins to the
Network and Dictionary Service Scripting
Figure 4.19 -Network with three di ferent W
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