Connecting to SQL Server in .NET

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8.7 Hypertext Transfer Protocol
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Part VI Access and the External World
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Enhancements in SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering
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Another pretty cool window in zenity is the le selection option, shown in Figure 15-12.
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IGP Hierarchy
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Cl-CI 3.2 557
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The code contained in the JSP declaration block will be located in the generated servlet outside any existing method.
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Or, instead of custom text, click the popup menu text to the custom text field (see Figure 8 10) and choose another kind of text to display. Th options e contained here represent tokens, which are variable placeholders for specific types of metadata. There are options for Equipment, Date, Exposure, Caption etc., all which will use the specific data unique to each photo Figure 8-10 in the text overlay, so each photo will show different text. This is in contrast to the custom text overlay, which remains the same on all slides.
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This is a signi cant time reduction when compared with the tape process which may take minutes and in some cases may have to rely on the availability of a tape drive for the restore operation. Now imagine a large-size company where the backup administrator receives hundreds of these kinds of requests per day. The difference between tape and disk can signi cantly change the nature of the service level agreement (SLA) the backup administrator offers. The realization of the powerful bene ts of disks has caused many to innovate in this area, producing more and more ef cient and re ned technologies. One such technology is MAID, which stand for massive array of idle disks. This technology, which utilizes low-cost serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) disks, provides an effective way to leverage disk for data protection without the potential high cost of maintenance. Because of its ability to use a large number of disk drives in which only those drives that are actively used are spinning, MAID is able to reduce the power consumption and prolong the life of the disk drives. A MAID can have hundreds and even thousands of drives thus competing with the low- and well-established world of tape. Figure 7.2 depicts a disk-based backup solution that backs up primary data from a server into an array providing fast backup and restores.
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Part VI Access and the External World
f it ain t broke don t x it.
she returned home on a different ight. If she didn t have the parking ticket, she would have to pay a very high fee to exit the garage or be charged with car theft. As soon as her husband landed at his destination, he began working with the airline to contact the city, terminal, and gate at which his wife might be waiting. Gate changes, late departures, and the long distance made it a complicated series of calls. Any one of the Southwest employees could have just said no to the request to track down the woman who didn t know she had a problem on her hands. Eventually contact was made, the information was exchanged from one city to another, and from husband to gate attendant to courtesy phone to several other gate attendants, to the wife. This businessman, Rich Lindner, is a sales and marketing training coach, and he tells this story of excellent customer service at the beginning of many instructional speeches. His loyalty to Southwest Airlines has created more business for the airline than can be measured. To him and others, the brand is shorthand for making travel easier when you have had a really hard day and nothing seems to be going right. I have a similar story about Northwest Airlines. I never felt any loyalty to the company because my experience with them was late arrivals and the most expensive ights from my hubs. But one of their employees found a notebook of mine lled with important handwritten information and telephone numbers that I would miss dearly. I didn t even know it was missing until I received a phone call saying that she had found it and would be mailing it to me. I don t know how she found my name or phone number because it wasn t in the notebook. I don t know how she tracked me down, because I had recently moved. But I know she carried the book home with her, packaged it, and put it in the mail on her own. Even though this was simply the act of an individual, I will be more loyal to Northwest because of it. I guess I believe that in addition to this woman s character of caring, there is something in the company that encourages her to perform with excellence and rewards her for her superior customer service skills. I will tell this story often when speaking about brands. I will y Northwest and encourage others to do so, too. Two different airlines with the same foundation for success. It s not their prices, frequent ier system, or food. Those are just features that any other airline can copy. Their success and the success of any airline competing today will come from brand loyalty. When airlines can all compete with prices and schedules, the only thing
FIGURE 22.12 Some useful tags and properties for flow documents are put to use here.
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