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the problem of detecting a few atoms of a new species amid a background of many orders of magnitude more of other atoms. Thus, modern attempts to make new heavy-element atoms usually involve some kind of separator. An example of a modern separator is the velocity lter SHIP (Fig. 15.7) at the GSI in Darmstadt, Germany. In this separator, nuclear reaction products (from the target wheel) undergo different de ections (in crossed electric and magnetic elds) according to their electric and magnetic rigidity which will depend on whether they are ssion fragments, scattered beam particles, or the desired heavy-element residues. The ef ciency of the separator is 50% for heavy-element residues, while transfer products and scattered beam nuclei are rejected by factors of 1014 and 1011, respectively. The heavy recoil atoms are implanted in the silicon detectors. Their implantation energy and position are correlated with any subsequent decays of the nuclei to establish genetic relationships to known nuclei.
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Simple Aggregations
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Changing Notes Display
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Encrypted password data is replaced with an x. Password data has been moved to /etc/shadow. There is also an Authentication Configuration utility (available with Fedora and RHEL systems) that you can use to manage shadow passwords and other system authentication information. This tool has features that let you work with MD5 passwords, LDAP authentication, or Kerberos 5 authentication as well. Select System Administration Authentication, and step through the screens to use it. To work with passwords for groups, you can use the grpconv command to convert passwords in /etc/groups to shadowed group passwords in /etc/gshadow. If you change passwd or group passwords and something breaks (you are unable to log in to the accounts), you can use the pwunconv and grpunconv commands, respectively, to reverse password conversion. So, now you are using the shadow password file and picking good passwords. You have made a great start toward securing your system. You may also have noticed by now that security is not just a one-time job. It is an ongoing process, as much about policies as programs. Keep reading to learn more.
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Running a File Server
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The * sign in a like comparison stands for any number of characters including none. A question mark ( ) stands for any single character so if you evaluate each of the following: data matrix generator
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Premium clients receive a 20% discount to their adjusted rate. The adjusted rate is zero if the client is a pro bono client.
into the location and reason for the forwarding loop. mac-move can only disable the SAPs and pseudowires affected by the broadcast storm, and this action may not eliminate the forwarding loop. Even if it does, such a forwarding infrastructure is not optimal or desired. The design of the network must be reviewed and corrected accordingly.
FIGURE 14.10 The timeline of a simple slideshow. (Image courtesy of
In this example, I used the SHOW SQL command to display the databases currently con gured on the MySQL server, then the USE SQL command to connect to a single database. Your mysql session can only be connected to one database at a time. You ll notice that after each command I added a semicolon. The semicolon indicates the end of a command to the mysql program. If you don t use a semicolon, it prompts for more data:
Reporting Services (RS) for SQL Server 2005 is a full-featured, web-based, managed reporting solution. RS reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or other formats with a single click, and are easy to build and customize. Reports are de ned graphically or programmatically and stored as .rdl les in the Reporting Services databases in SQL Server. They can be scheduled to be pre-created and cached for users, e-mailed to users, or generated by users on-the- y with parameters. Reporting Services is bundled with SQL Server so there are no end-user licensing issues. It s essentially free, although most DBAs place it on its own dedicated server for better performance. With SQL Server 2008, Reporting Services gets a facelift: slick new Dundas controls, a new Tablix control, a re-written memory management system, and a direct HTTP.sys access, so IIS is no longer needed. If you re still using Crystal Reports, why
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Dozens of bootable Linux distributions have appeared in the past few years. Those distributions can contain anywhere from 1.4MB of data on a firewall bootable Linux to many gigabytes of data on a bootable DVD. Without needing to touch the computer s hard disk, these distributions can offer full-featured systems that are tailored to be desktop systems, multimedia players, rescue systems, or many other types of systems. Many bootable Linuxes are based on KNOPPIX (described in 11), so they feature very fine hardware detection and strong network connectivity. If you want to try out a mini-bootable Linux distribution, try Coyote Linux (described in 17). Nearly all bootable Linux distributions offer ways to access data from the hard disks of the computers on which they are running. While many bootable Linuxes are still experimental in nature, you can have lots of fun playing with them. Also, with the extraordinary improvements in custom features, you can create your own customized bootable Linux distribution to take with you on a floppy, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive (also referred to as pen drives, thumb drives, or other names).
InputStream in = getServletContext().getResourceAsStream ( /myLogo.gif );
Since the Nuttall Q-function of (4.104) is not considered to be a tabulated function, it is desirable to express the recursion relation of (4.106) in a form that allows solution in terms of the more common Marcum Q-function for which alternative nite integral forms were discussed in Section 4.2. The possibility of doing so when m + n is odd was suggested by Nuttall [4]; however, the explicit solution is not provided. Letting m = n + 2k + 1, in which case m + n = 2 (n + k) + 1 and is therefore odd, we will now derive an explicit expression for Qn+2k+1,n ( , ) as a weighted sum of k + 1 generalized Marcum Q-functions and a weighted sum of k modi ed Bessel functions of the rst kind. Then, using (4.81), one can alternatively express Qn+2k+1,n ( , ) entirely in terms of only the rst-order Marcum Q-function and modi ed Bessel functions of the rst kind. Finally, using the alternative nite range integral forms of the rst-order Marcum Q-function found in Section 4.2.1 and the integral form of the modi ed Bessel functions in (4.82), the Nuttall Q-function can be expressed in a similar nite range integral form that is convenient for evaluation [30]. We begin by rst substituting m = n + 2k + 1 in (4.106) resulting in Qn+2k+1,n ( , ) = Qn+2k,n+1 ( , ) + 2 (n + k) Qn+2k 1,n ( , ) + n+2k exp 2 + 2 2 In ( ) (4.107)
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FIGURE 17.5 Synaptic Package Manager displays and installs Ubuntu software.
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