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Thus, it is possible to argue that all ritual, whatever the idiom, is addressed to the human participants and uses a technique which attempts to restructure and integrate the minds and emotions of the actors. The technique combines verbal and nonverbal behavior and exploits their special properties. Language is an arti cial construct and its strength is that its form owes nothing to external reality; it thus enjoys the power to invoke images and comparisons, refer to time past and future, and relate events which cannot be represented in action. Nonverbal action, on the other hand, excels in what words cannot easily do it can codify analogically by imitating real events, reproduce technical acts, and express multiple implications simultaneously. Words excel in expressive enlargement, physical actions in realistic presentation.
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Murder and the Media
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So although creativity and invention are often wrapped in mystique, we do understand something of the process and of how creativity can be enhanced or inspired. We know, for instance, that browsing a collection of designs will inspire designers to consider alternative perspectives, and hence alternative solutions. The field of case-based reasoning (Maher and Pu, 1997) emerged from the observation that designers solve new problems by drawing on knowledge gained from solving previous similar problems. As Schank (1982; p. 22) puts it, "An expert is someone who gets reminded of just the right prior experience to help him in processing his current experiences." And while those experiences may be the designer's own, they can equally well be others'. A more pragmatic answer to this question, then, is that alternatives come from looking at other, similar designs, and the process of inspiration and creativity can be enhanced by prompting a designer's own experience and by looking at others' ideas and solutions. Deliberately seeking out suitable sources of inspiration is a valuable step in any design process. These sources may be very close to the intended new product, such as competitors' products, or they may be earlier versions of similar systems, or something completely different.
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Government of Canada, 2006. Fiscal Reference Tables (Department of Finance, Ottawa) Accessed 30 June 2007. Government of Canada, 2007. Key Economic Events 1989 Free Trade Agreement: Eliminating Barriers to Trade (Ottawa) economy/1989economic.html Accessed 23 June 2008. Government of Canada, 2008. Canada s Ethnocultural Mosaic, 2006 Census (Statistics Canada, Catalogue no. 97-562-X, Ottawa). Government of Hong Kong SAR, 1998. Hong Kong Annual Report 1997 (Information Services Department, Hong Kong) Accessed 25 October 2007. Government of Hong Kong SAR, 2000. Returnees to Hong Kong (Census and Statistics Department, Special Topics Report No. 25, Hong Kong). Government of Hong Kong SAR, 2007. Hong Kong 2006 (Information Services Department, Hong Kong) Accessed 25 October 2007. Green, A. and Green D., 2004. The goals of Canada s immigration policy: a historical perspective , Canadian Journal of Urban Research 13 (1): 102 39. Griffin, K., 1992. A monster problem in Shaughnessy , Vancouver Sun, 17 November, p. B1. Guo, F. and Iredale R., 2002. The view from Australia , in R. Iredale, F. Guo and S. Rozario (eds), Return Skilled and Business Migration and Social Transformation (Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation. University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW), pp. 21 37. Guo, S., 2006. Bridging the Gap in Social Services for Immigrants: A Community-Based Holistic Approach (Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis, Working Paper Series No. 06 04, Vancouver). Guo, S. and DeVoretz D., 2005. Chinese Immigrants in Vancouver: Quo Vadis (Centre for Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis, Working Paper Series No. 05 20, Vancouver). Guo, S. and DeVoretz, D., 2006. The changing face of Chinese immigrants to Canada , Journal of International Migration and Integration 7: 275 300. Gutstein, D., 1975. Vancouver Ltd. (James Lorimer, Toronto). Gutstein, D., 1988. Hong Kong money , Vancouver 21 (12), p. 38. Gutstein, D., 1990. The New Landlords: Asian Investment in Canadian Real Estate (Porcepic Books, Victoria, BC). GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District), 1975. The Livable Region 1976 1986 (Burnaby, BC). GVRD, 1985. Improving Greater Vancouver s Economy, (GVRD Development Services, Burnaby, BC). GVRD, 1990. Choosing our Future (Burnaby, BC). Hage, G., 1998. White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in a Multicultural Society (Pluto Press, Annandale, NSW). Haggett, P., 1965. Locational Analysis in Human Geography (Arnold, London). Haila, A., 2000. Real estate in global cities: Singapore and Hong Kong as property states , Urban Studies 37 (12): 2241 56. Hajdu, J., 1994. Recent cycles of foreign property investment in central Sydney and central Melbourne , Urban Geography 15: 246 57.
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10.08 TAXES.
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Children s competency as witnesses
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Indexed views can also be listed and created in Management Studio under the Views Indexes node. To drop an indexed view, the DROP statement must refer to the view instead a table:
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(a) TRANSFER FINANCES. Substantial short-term costs are typically incurred as part of the transfer of financial and operational responsibilities in an outsourcing relationship. These costs result from the extra effort required to plan the transfer, the test procedures to ensure that the transfer occurs without a problem, the termination penalties associated with discontinuing leases, the relocation expenses to transport assets and personnel, and severance fees to compensate personnel whose positions are eliminated as part of the outsourcing agreement. Many of the extra costs are the responsibility of the vendor, but the customer may incur some of the costs as well. The impact of these cost elements must be factored into the financial assessment of the outsourcing deal. Additional costs may be incurred before the transfer period. The first one usually encountered relates to planning and testing. The vendor may need to bring in specialists who will be involved in the transaction only for the transfer period. In addition to supporting day-to-day operations, the vendor may need to perform the detail planning required to maximize the success of a transfer that goes without interruption to the user community. Integral to this planning process is a learning curve that also adds to the vendor s costs. One of the key elements of the planning process is developing and implementing tests to ensure that the vendor is capable of performing the transfer without a hitch. The customer may also incur some additional costs as a part of the testing process (e.g., test travel to the vendor site), but this is typically a small expense. The vendor typically assumes responsibility for the costs associated with the transfer and/or relocation of assets and personnel. The transfer of purchased assets involves acquisition costs, either at book or market value. The transfer of
In the more general GSC case, the threshold of (9.557) would become th = ln with a corresponding average BEP P b (E) = 1 1 1 1
Figure 1 .1 Two small
17.3.2 Diminution in value
Coding, Data Binding, and XAML
phosphatidylserine + phosphatidylethanolamine
replication Synchronous replication
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