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Recall that each EJB needs a deployment descriptor. The specifications require that the deployment-descriptor file be named ejb-jar.xml and that it be placed under a directory named META-INF. The deployment-descriptor file contains several tags used to specify the various components that we discussed in the preceding sections. Figure 15-1 lists the elements that can be specified in the deployment descriptor for a session bean.
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File systems in Linux are organized in a hierarchy, beginning from root (/) and continuing downward in a structure of directories and subdirectories. As an administrator of a Linux system, it s your duty to make sure that all the disk drives that represent your file system are available to the users of the computer. It is also your job to make sure there is enough disk space in the right places in the file system for users to store what they need. File systems are organized differently in Linux than they are in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Instead of drive letters (for example, A:, B:, C:) for each local disk, network file system, CD-ROM, or other type of storage medium, everything fits neatly into the directory structure. It is up to an administrator to create a mount point in the file system and then connect the disk to that point. The organization of your file system begins when you install Linux. Part of the installation process is to divide your hard disk (or disks) into partitions. Those partitions can then be assigned to: A part of the Linux file system Swap space for Linux, or Other file system types (perhaps containing other bootable operating systems) Free space (you can leave space unassigned so you can format it later as you need it).
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iar PowerShell prompt. The prompt is a function whatever it returns becomes the prompt for the next line. So you could replicate that 80s-style prompt like this:
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reactive comminution have been reported. Hashimoto [86] provides a survey of catalysts and electrocatalysts prepared from metastable materials. The preparation of Cu/ZnO catalysts and precursors for the methanol synthesis reaction have been described [87, 88], while others [89] used a mixture of Pt, Ru and a leachable metal such as Al to prepare catalysts for CO-tolerant catalysts for fuel cells. Janot et al. [90] described the increased hydrogen adsorption of ball-milled Mg2Ni alloys and interpreted their findings with the removal of oxide layers. A Pd-Mg catalyst precursor used for the synthesis of methyl isobutyl ketone was prepared by milling PdO with Mg [91]. Dehydration and dehydrogenation reactions of 4methylpentan-2-ol over ball-milled catalysts such as CuM (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) have also been investigated [92]. Zeolites and inorganic ion-exchange catalysts have been treated in reactive milling to alter their properties. For example, the amorphization of Zeolite A has been described by Kosanovic et al. [93]; these authors observed a loss of crystallinity, a decrease of cation-exchange capacity, and an increase of solubility of A and Y zeolites which was caused by breaking of Si O Si and Si O Al bonds in the zeolite. Intercalation reactions were referred to by Chatakondu et al. [94], who observed the deposition of n-hexylamine in TaS2. Mechanically activated Al(OH)3 shows enhanced dissolution rates in acids, and can also be used as a host material for foreign molecules. The use of the layers of hydrargillite as a selective sorption medium for small ions such as Li can be enhanced by a mechanical pretreatment [2], and this can also be used in the electrolysis of bauxite. The use and preparation of clay minerals and kaolinite has been reviewed by Yariv and Lapides [95].
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Securing Linux
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The algorithm de nes how the data will be encrypted using this key. There are nine possible algorithms: DES, TRIPLE_DES, RC2, RC4, RC4_128, DESX, AES_128, AES_192, and AES_256. They differ in speed and strength. The Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm was selected as the of cial data encryption method for the U.S. government in 1976, but it can be broken by brute force using today s computers in as little as 24 hours. The triple DES (TRIPLE_DES) algorithm uses a longer key and is considerably stronger. The RC algorithms (such as RC2 and RC4) were invented by Ron Rivest in the mid-eighties. Like the DES algorithm, they too are fairly easy to crack. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also known as Rijndael (pronounced Rhine-dahl ), was approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in November 2001. The 128, 192, or 256 in the algorithm name identi es the bit size of the key. The strongest algorithm in SQL Server s toolbox is the AES_256.
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An object entering from the edge of the screen may be considered more arousing than the same object appearing from the center of the screen.
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Listing 12-27: Airline reservation run command and arguments
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Appendix 4.1 Key Issues in Outsourcing Agreements
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The Influence Model
4. Voltage Drive Block
To check the status of print jobs that have been queued, you can use the lpq command. By itself, lpq prints a listing of jobs that are in the queue for the default printer. For example:
Backing Up Outlook Data
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