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14.4 GENERALIZATION OF ALAMOUTI S DIVERSITY TECHNIQUE TO ORTHOGONAL SPACE-TIME BLOCK CODE DESIGNS Using the theory of orthogonal designs [28] studied by Hurwitz and Radon back in the 1920s, Alamouti s scheme can be generalized to a number of transmit antennas greater than two [14]. Speci cally, consider an Lt Lt matrix X with real elements chosen from x1 , x2 , . . . , xLt such that the rows or columns are orthogonal
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public class BusinessDelegate{ //constructor public BusinessDelegate() { } //method used to create beneficiary accounts using account number. public static int createBene ( String actno) { int actID = -1; InitialContext ctx = null; try{ ctx = new InitialContext(); // get ejb Enrollment enrol = ((EnrollmentHome) ctx.lookup( EnrollmentHome )).create(); actID = enrol.createBene( actno ); } catch (Exception e){ //handle exception }finally { try{ ctx.close(); }catch(NamingException ne){;} } return actID; } }
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PreparedStatement stmt=conn.prepareStatement( select * from air_user where lastname = and city= ); for (int i=0; i < userName.length; i++){ stmt.setInt(1,userName[i];) stmt.setString(2, New York ); ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuery(sqlQuery); }
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into the cell body perpendicularly to the axis of the cylindrical cell in order to allow the sample to be introduced and one or more sheathed thermocouples (6) to be inserted. The cell is heated from the outside with a resistance heater (4). which is mounted on a brass support. By increasing the ratio of outer to inner cell diameter, autoclaves of the type shown in Fig. 6.7-4 have been used up to 7 kbar (see also Fig. 6.7-8). In studying chemical transformations, the internal walls of the high-pressure cell, which are made of stainless steel containing significant amounts of nickel, cobalt, molyhdenum, and other constituents with potentially catalytic activity, may substantially influence the course of a reaction. This problem can be avoided by using a procedure which was introduced by le Noble and Schlott (l976), in which the investigaied system is contained in an inner cell made of quartz and equipped with a movable piston, which closely fits into the cylindrical bore of the quartz cell. A recently introduced alternativc method of high-pressure IR investigation of fluids (Tost, 1988; Buback et al., 1988) uses a poly(tetrafluoroethy1ene) (PTFE) container, into which the reaction mixture is sealed by welding. This PTFE cell has a wall thickness of about 0.1 mm; the analyzing IR beam penetrates the cell, which is fitted into the autoclave, in such a way that it is in direct contact with the inner faces of the two high-pressure windows. Since the investigated fluid is usually unable to also act as a pressurizing medium, the internal volume of the high-pressure cell is separated from the fluid in the pressure generating system by a steel bellows, as shown in Fig. 6.7-5. The bellows (7) shuts off potentially corrosive reaction systems from sensitive parts of the pressurizing system, e.g., gauges and pressure generators, and it also prevents solid species in the reaction mixture from precipitating in the colder parts of the apparatus, e.g., in the capillary tubes. The position of the bellows is monitored from the outside by means of an inductive detector (3) (Buback and Lendle, 1981a). Special problems arise in quantitative IR spectroscopic investigations of pure fluids at high pressure. In this case, the optical path length should usually be as short as several pm. These distances are of about the same size as the changes of path length induced by applying pressure and temperature in cells of the type shown in Figures 6.7-4 and 6.7-5. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to join the parts of such a cell in a way which affords a
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n NFS To use an NFS server instead of an FTP server, type the following:
Part I
handle the event in an implementation specific manner (e.g., archiving your files). The Timer that has just triggered is passed to the bean via ejbTimeout. Timers for entity beans are associated with the specific bean instance. However, stateless session beans and message-driven beans do not have unique timers for each bean instance: the timer may be called on any bean instance in the pooled state.
7: Case Studies in Packet Transport
Figure 31-25: Displaying and hiding controls on a form
New Feature
Figure 6.3-13 SCP ROA.
long with opening an Analysis Services project, it is also possible to directly open an existing database in Business Intelligence Development Studio. While this is a useful feature for examining the con guration of a running server, changes should be made in a project, deployed rst to a development server, and deployed to production only after testing. Keep the project and related les in source control.
Generally, the default for Show Table Names is Yes, and the default for Output All fields is No. Run Permissions offers a choice of either the Owner s permission or the User s (the default). Enable AutoJoin controls whether Access will use common field names to perform an automatic join between tables that have no relationships set; the default value is Yes. The final section determines if the current database should use ANSI 92 SQL Server Syntax; the default is No.
In this example, even though I was not using a le from the mounted .iso image le, I was still in a directory within the lesystem structure, so the umount command wouldn t let me unmount the image le. Once I moved out of the image le lesystem, I was able to successfully unmount the image le.
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