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6 Securing Linux
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More Account Settings
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Figure 10.24 Angular distribution for diffraction and the elastic scattering of [From Valentin (1981).]
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Business Information Model Security Policies Security Services Entity Schema and Privilege Profiles
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Open Source Video Drivers
Placrck'\ theory 4. 152 24. planar o r homogeneous aligmcnt (neinatic Iiquitl crystal,) 325 Planck function 90. 124. I32f. 1 57 Planck's and Kirchhoffs liiu OX. 156. 1 h O plane ol ohsei-vation 23 plasma frequency 374.49 I plasmon 491 plahtic \elcnium 505 plasticiLerr 608 Platonic hodie, 39, 707ff pleochromism of the infrat-ctl bands 195 PMeT sc'c pol4'(3Me-thiophene) PMMA 587 p-nitrohenLoic acid, IR and Rainan rpectrum 210 PoincarO Yphcre 79. 59 I point groups 4 I , 695ff algorithm lor the determination 42 Poisson staristics 75 polar fluid>, vibrational spectra of 638 polarity of the bond 230, 245 polarizahility of crystalline phase 317 - tensor 2 1, 25,3 18.473 - theory 4, 26 - volunie 25 polarization - CARS 182 - optics 85, - rotator 84, 95 sensitive sample, Mueller matrix 84 - types of 78 polariLed radiation SO. 7Xff, 325 polarizer 548 - types of' 83f,89f polariLing interferometer 5 5 8 , 564 polaroids 9 1 polarons 380f - states 396 - typering mode 389 polar tensors 462 polar vector 5 I f poly d(A-T), F'TIR spectra 349 poly(acety1enej (PA) 378f, 382 poly(acety1ene) n-doped, IR bands 393 polytalkylthiophene) (PAT) 379 poly(ani1ine) (PANI) 379, 382, 384, 389, 393, 395 polycations, effect on charged lipids 369 polychromator I37f polycrystalline silicon, windows 643 polycrystalline silver halide, fiber for continous
either reference the [All] level of calendar year, or, if the cube developer has suppressed the [All] level, reference the 2004 member of the year hierarchy. Default members are generally avoided, but they can be useful in some situations, and a query writer should be aware of any hierarchy that has a default member. Autoexists vs. Non Empty: Placing the set {[Date].[Calendar Year].[Calendar Year].Members * [Date].[Calendar].[Month].Members}on a query axis will result in listing the year 2001 with the months from 2001, the year 2002 with the months from 2002, etc. Why doesn t the cross-join result in a true cross-product (e.g., 2001 appears with months from 2002) between the years and months Analysis Services automatically detects which members of the hierarchies exist with each other, and returns only the valid combinations. This behavior is referred to as autoexists, and it only functions for hierarchies within a single dimension. Non Empty is used to further restrict sets to only those that have corresponding measure values.
CHAPTER 11 Optimum Combining a Diversity Technique for Communication over Fading Channels in the Presence of Interference 11.1 Performance of Diversity Combining Receivers 11.1.1 Single Interferer; Independent, Identically Distributed Fading Rayleigh Fading Exact Evaluation of Average Bit Error Probability Rayleigh Fading Approximate Evaluation of Average Bit Error Probability Extension to Other Modulations Rician Fading Evaluation of Average Bit Error Probability Nakagami-m Fading Evaluation of Average Bit Error Probability 11.1.2 Multiple Equal Power Interferers; Independent, Identically Distributed Fading Number of Interferers Less than Number of Array Elements Number of Interferers Equal to or Greater than Number of Array Elements 11.1.3 Comparison with Results for MRC in the Presence of Interference 11.1.4 Multiple Arbitrary Power Interferers; Independent, Identically Distributed Fading Average SEP of M-PSK Numerical Results 11.1.5 Multiple-Symbol Differential Detection in the Presence of Interference Decision Metric Average BEP 11.2 Optimum Combining with Multiple Transmit and Receive Antennas 11.2.1 System, Channel, and Signals Models 11.2.2 Optimum Weight Vectors and Output SIR 11.2.3 PDF of Output SIR and Outage Probability PDF of Output SIR Outage Probability Special Case When Lt = 1 11.2.4 Key Observations Distribution of Antenna Elements
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