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ples at the beginning of the chapter. The voice-mail system made the presence and number of waiting messages invisible, while the answer machine made both aspects highly visible. The more visible functions are, the more likely users will be able to know what to do next. In contrast, when functions are "out of sight," it makes them more difficult to find and know how to use. Norman (1988) describes the controls of a car to emphasize this point. The controls for different operations are clearly visible (e.g., indicators, headlights, horn, hazard warning lights), indicating what can be done. The relationship between the way the controls have been positioned in the car and what they do makes it easy for the driver to find the appropriate control for the task at hand.
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The definitions for interfaces, classes, and methods are based on the Javadoc-generated API specification of JavaSoft. This section covers the JDBC 1.2 API of JavaSoft. Interface java.sql.CallableStatement public interface CallableStatement extends Object extends PreparedStatement CallableStatements are used to call SQL stored procedures in a standard way for all DBMSs. Escape syntax is used for procedures that return a result parameter and those that do not return a parameter. If the procedure returns a result, the result parameter must be registered as an OUT parameter. The set methods inherited from PreparedStatement are used to set IN parameter values. The type of all OUT parameters
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Choosing and Installing a Linux Distribution
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if [ $SPACE -ge 40 ] When you run the script, it should send you a mail message: $ ./diskmon $ mail Mail version 8.1.2 01/15/2001. Type for help. "/var/mail/rich": 1 message 1 new N 1 rich@testbox Tue Feb 5 06:22 16/672 Disk warning & Message 1: From rich@testbox Tue Feb 5 06:22:26 2008 Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 06:22:26 -0500 From: rich rich@testbox To: rich@localhost.localdomain Subject: Disk warning Disk space on root at 81% used &q $
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TED Update after 50 Mbps LSP Is Established
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Part IV Advanced Access Database Topics
Bk 1
Part VI
To view Windows logins using code, query the sysserver_principals catalog view.
Listing 2-9: TravelInformationNS2.xml
In this section, four examples illustrating the application of the rate-based modeling approach discussed above are presented. First three reactive absorption processes namely absorption of NOx, coke gas purification and CO2 absorption by aqueous
a law that Augustus himself had imposed on senators to protect the vital supply of grain to Rome and offended Tiberius. On his return to Syria, Germanicus found that Piso had tried to thwart some of his arrangements, and so ordered him to leave the province. No sooner had Piso left Syria than Germanicus fell ill, and he maintained to his death that Piso had poisoned him. The horror of Germanicus death, however, was augmented by what was found in his room. As the Roman historian Tacitus (56 ca. 118 ce) explains:64
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