The master database, by default, uses the simple recovery model. Using only full backups for the master database is OK; it s not a transactional database.
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Alternative Linux Shells
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29 Programming Tools and Utilities
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types are also quite similar, and this was expected on the basis of the non-reactive stripping experiments (see Fig. 8.24). Most probably, wetting of the catalyst layers is more uniform due to the low surface tension of the organic liquid. Another reason might be the dominance of the entrance effects, which may mask differences in mass transfer performance for completely developed laminar films in different channel geometries.
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Unless you specifically change to another shell, the bash shell is the one you use with most Linux systems. The bash shell contains most of the powerful features available in other shells. Although the description in this chapter steps you through many bash shell features, you can learn more about the bash shell by typing man bash, and the sidebar Getting Help Using the Shell shows you a few other ways to learn about using the shell.
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Solution Le 0 Left-hand side Lm 1 Right-hand side Le 1 ( 1) 0 Lm 1 Yes, the reaction is possible. If we focus our attention on the neutrons and protons (the nucleons), we note they have similar masses (1 u). We also note the neutron is slightly (0.14%) more massive than the proton with the mass difference being 1.29 MeV/c 2 (Appendix A). (This energy difference causes a free neutron to decay to a proton with a half-life of approximately 10 min.) As remarked earlier, the neutron has no net electric charge, whereas the proton has a positive charge equal in magnitude to the charge on the electron. The electric charge on the proton is uniformly and symmetrically distributed about the center of the proton with a charge radius of about 0.8 fm. The neutron, although electrically neutral, also has an extended charge distribution with a positive charge near the center being canceled out by a negative charge at
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route p add mail.idg.com 1 route delete mail.idg.com 214.*
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(continued )
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- UDP Header -
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Consider archiving older audits and then using distributed partitioned views to see all the audit data. Edit the xed audit trigger to limit the auditing to those columns that require such a high level of data integrity.
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22 E-Mailing and Web Browsing
This trend is enhanced if the positive charge increases simultaneously:
Business needs can then provide a basis for building the star schema that is the building block of the warehouse (see Figure 70-1). The star schema derives its name from its structure: a central fact table and a number of dimension tables clustered around it like the points of a star. Each dimension is connected back to the fact table by a foreign key relationship.
var ret; ret=0 var ws = WScript.CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) //create array of computers to check from string; no spaces computers = gandolf,bilbo,dragon sysArray = computers.split( , ) //create array of logs to check from string; no spaces logs = system,application,security logArray = logs.split( , ) //examine each item in the systems array and then the log array for (s in sysArray) { for (l in logArray) { ws.Run( dumpel /l + logArray[l] + /f \\\\zeta\\corpdatashare\\ + sysArray[s] + - + logArray[l] + .log /d 1 /ns /s + sysArray[s],0, TRUE ) WScript.Echo( Executing dumpel /l + logArray[l] + /f \\\zeta\\ corpdatashare\\ + sysArray[s] + - + logArray[l] + .log /d 1 /ns /s + sysArray[s],0, TRUE ) } } ForReading = 1 continued
Questions and Problems 7.1
The rst step in creating a menu is, obviously, to determine what elements you want to appear in the menu and lay them out the way that you want them to appear. Before creating the menu, it s usually a good idea to clear the monitor display. This enables you to display your menu in a clean environment without distracting text. The clear command uses the terminfo data of your terminal session (see 2) to clear any text that appears on the monitor. After the clear command, you can use the echo command to display your menu elements. By default, the echo command can only display printable text characters. When creating menu items, it s often helpful to use nonprintable items, such as the tab and newline characters. To include these characters in your echo command, you must use the -e option. Thus, the command:
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