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Figure 9-12: The Show: row is checked only for the fields Pet ID, Pet Name, Type of Animal and Breed. The other fields shown, Customer Name, and Date of Birth have the Show: check box unchecked.
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IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: UDP: UDP: UDP: UDP: UDP: UDP: UDP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: SNMP: 000. .... =routine ...0 .... = normal delay ....O... = normal throughput .... .O.. = normal reliability Total length = 181 bytes Identification = 0 Flags = OX .O.. .... = may fragment ..O. .... = last fragment Fragment offset = 0 bytes Time to live = 16 seconds/hops Protocol = 17 (UDP) Header checksum = 1FE4 (correct) Source address = [XXX.YYY.1.101 Destination address = [XXX.YYY.128.41 No options
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Many of the connection-level options con gure ANSI compatibility or speci c connection-performance options. Connection-level options are very limited in scope. If the option is set within an interactive session, then the setting is in force until it s changed or the session ends. If the option is set within a stored procedure, then the setting persists only for the life of that stored procedure.
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Bringing Guidelines, APIs, and Languages Together
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When multiple left and right panels are open, it s likely their contents will be too long for all the panels to show on the screen. In this event, scroll bars appear to allow you to move up and down within the panel track; see Figure 1 23. Click and drag the bar to scroll, or use your mouse wheel.
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Value: String Gettable: Yes Settable: Yes Description: The last name of the user.
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What is a data access page
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When the button is clicked in the following example, an alert box is displayed after 3 seconds. Your results are shown in Figure 26.1.
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Part IV
# netstat tupn
Worksheet 3.22 Security Stack Worksheet for Privacy. (continued)
This line displays the text wherever the STDERR le descriptor for the script is pointing, instead of the normal STDOUT. Here s an example of a script that uses this feature:
To exit the shell when you are done, type exit or press Ctrl+D. You ve just seen a few commands that can help you quickly familiarize yourself with your Linux system. There are hundreds of other commands that you can try. You ll find many in the /bin and /usr/bin directories, and you can use ls to see a directory s command list: ls /bin, for example, results in a list of commands in the /bin. Then use the man command (for example, man hostname to see what each command does. Administrative commands are also in /sbin or /usr/sbin directories.
Source: Compiled from Industry Solutions Maybelline, at thinque.com (accessed May 15, 2002).
In the study of nuclear reactions, nuclear structure, and the heaviest elements, one frequently needs to chemically separate the nuclide(s) of interest from other radioactive species that are present. This is done by performing radiochemical separations that involve the conventional separation techniques of analytical chemistry adapted to the special needs of radiochemistry. For example, radiochemical purity is generally more important than chemical purity. When dealing with short-lived nuclides, speed may be more important than yield or purity. The high cost of radioactive waste disposal may require unusual waste minimization steps. As noted earlier, radiochemical separations need not be quantitative. One only needs to know the yield. Because of the availability of modern high-resolution counting equipment, such as Ge g-ray spectrometers, modern radiochemical separations frequently are designed only to reduce the level of radioactive impurities in the sample rather than producing a pure sample. [The counting instrumentation is used to isolate the nuclide(s) of interest from other nuclides.] Thus, modern procedures sometimes are similar to qualitative analysis schemes, breaking products into chemically similar groups and using instrumentation to further separate the group members. A recent review summarizes some newer developments of relevance to radiochemistry (Bond et al., 1999). 19.6.1 Precipitation The oldest, most well-established chemical separation technique is precipitation. Because the amount of the radionuclide present may be very small, carriers are frequently used. The carrier is added in macroscopic quantities and ensures the radioactive species will be part of a kinetic and thermodynamic equilibrium system. Recovery of the carrier also serves as a measure of the yield of the separation. It is important that there is an isotopic exchange between the carrier and the radionuclide. There is the related phenomenon of co-precipitation wherein the radionuclide is incorporated into or adsorbed on the surface of a precipitate that does not involve an isotope of the radionuclide or isomorphously replaces one of the elements in the precipitate. Examples of this behavior are the sorption of radionuclides by Fe(OH)3 or the co-precipitation of the actinides with LaF3. Separation by precipitation is largely restricted to laboratory procedures and apart from the bismuth phosphate process used in World War II to purify Pu, has little commercial application. As a practical matter, precipitation is usually carried out in hot, dilute aqueous solutions to allow the slow formation of large crystals. The pH of the solution is chosen to minimize colloid formation. After precipitation, the precipitate is
Scenario 2: LSR Hashing: LDP The LSR router sees multiple next-hops and load balances the traffic based on the MPLS label stack (include vc-label) to distribute the traffic among different forwarding paths. Per-service load balancing is achieved.
FIGURE 7.5 The Clipboard (XAML) preferences for copying and pasting an object as a drawing brush.
To check for a specific member, you can use the IsMember () method. This method returns True (1) if the user or group is a member of the group and False (0), otherwise. You could use IsMember as follows:
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