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Ampersand Single quote (apostrophe) Greater than Less than Double quote
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which can be expressed in terms of the CDF of the individual branches as Pr[ n 1 = 1(n 1) ]P 1 ( T )P 2 ( ) + Pr[ T n 1 = 2(n 1) ]P 2 ( T )P 1 ( ) P SSC ( ) = Pr[ n 1 = 1(n 1) ] P 1 ( ) P 1 ( T ) + P 1 ( T )P 2 ( ) + Pr[ n 1 = 2(n 1) ] P 2 ( T )P 1 ( ) + P 2 ( ) P 2 ( T ) > T (9.323) In order to obtain the CDF of the SSC output, we need to nd p1 = Pr[ n 1 = 1(n 1) ] = Pr ( n 2 = 1(n 2) and 1(n 2) T ) or ( n 2 = 2(n 2) and 2(n 1) < T ) p2 = Pr[ n 1 = 2(n 1) ] = Pr ( n 2 = 2(n 2) and 2(n 2) T ) or ( n 2 = 1(n 2) and 1(n 1) < T ) . (9.324)
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The abstract-programming model
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The Connector architecture defines a security-management contract that extends the J2EE security model to include support for secure connectivity to EISes. The security-management contract is both security-mechanism-independent and technology-independent. Thus application servers and EISes can support the contract regardless of their own levels of support for security. The contract provides support for both the authentication and authorization of users. The term authentication refers to the security mechanism by which the requester and the service provider establish their identities to one another. Authorization is defined as a security mechanism through which it is verified that the user has the authority to access the requested resource or service.
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Business Intelligence
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A fundamental difference between OS1 and the TCP/IP suite is the way the standards emerge.The OS1 model is the result of often lengthy committeework involving a broad mix
ego Company of Denmark (lego.com) is a major producer of toys, including electronic ones. It is the world s best-known toy manufacturer (voted as the toy of the century ) and has thousands of Web sites created by fans all over the world. In 1999 the company decided to market its Lego Mindstorms on the Internet. This product is a unique innovation. Its users can build a Lego robot using more than 700 traditional Lego elements, program it on a PC, and transfer the program to the robot. Lego sells its products in many countries using several regional distribution centers. When the decision to do global e-commerce was made, the company had to face the following concerns and issues:
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Working with the Windows Registry and Event Logs
Moore, K. MIME (MultipurposeInternet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text. RFC 2047, November 1996. Freed, N., et al. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Four: Registration Procedures. RFC 2048, November 1996. Freed, N., and N. Borenstein. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples. RFC 2049, November 1996. NetBIOS Working Group. Protocol Standard for a NetBIOS Service on TCP/UDP Transport: Concepts and Methods. RFC 1001, March 1987. NetBIOS Working Group. Protocol Standard for a NetBIOS Service on a TCP/UDP Transport: Detailed Specifications. RFC 1002, March 1987. Fielding, R., et al. Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTPI l.l. RFC 2616, June 1999. Khare, R. et al. Upgrading to TLS within HTTP/l. 1. RFC 2817, May 2000. Rescorla, E. HTTP Over TLS. RFC 2818, May 2000. Berners-Lee, T., et al. Uniform Resource Identifiers in WWW, a Unifying Syntax for the Expression of Names and Addresses of Objects on the Network as used in the WorldWide Web. RFC 1630, June 1994. Sollins, K., and L. Masinter. Functional Requirements for Uniform Resource Names. RFC 1737, December 1994. Berners-Lee, T., et al. Uniform Resource Locators (URL). RFC 1738, December 1994.
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The log view that occupies the bottom of the KDevelop interface in Figure 28-3 shows the compilation process. As with Eclipse, KDevelop s toolbars and menus are stuffed with buttons and menu items that cater to the needs of developers, just as a word processor is customized with buttons and menu items specific to the task of writing and formatting documents.
Ch. 13 Internet-Enabled Outsourcing: The Virtual Frontier
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