12: Network Management System Components in Java

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From (8.199) and (5.5), the average SEP of M-DPSK is
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is the audio compression scheme. There are other compression schemes that can be used with Ogg such as Ogg FLAC, which is used for archiving audio in a lossless format, and Ogg Speex, which is used specifically to handle encoding speech. Real Networks Real has developed a set of audio and video codecs that have an amazing ability to serve up streaming content. This protocol is not widely supported by anyone but Real. The Helix project produces a player for Linux that enables playback of Real media encoded files. WMA Windows Media Audio is used to create high-quality digital audio. WMA is considered a lossless codec, which means the audio doesn t lose quality or data as a result of repeated compression-decompression cycles. Among its other benefits is that it s one of the first widely used codecs to support digital surround sound. WMV Windows Media Video is used, not surprisingly, to encode and decode video. This is also a very high-quality encoder and is billed to produce a video that is half the size of an MPEG-4 encoded video at a comparable quality level. DivX This video codec has revolutionized digital video. Extremely high-quality video can be stored with amazingly small file sizes when using this codec. DivX (Digital Video Express) is based on the MPEG-4 video standard and can produce 640 480 video that is about 15 percent of the size of the source DVD material. Some of these codecs are integral parts of Digital Rights Management (DRM) scenarios. For example, WMA, WMV, and DivX have elements that support DRM. DRM is basically proprietary copy protection. The term DRM applies to a wide range of technologies that use server-based activation, encryption, and other elements to control who can access content and what they can then do with the content once it has been accessed. While it is very attractive to distributors of audio and video, who are trying to prevent unchecked digital piracy of their content, it can be a real stumbling block for the consumer. Many DRM solutions require proprietary software and even hardware to work with the protected content. A prime example is the recent production of some DRM-protected audio CDs, particularly in Europe. Some of these disks will not play in older standalone CD players, some will play only on a computer that supports the DRM application on the CD itself, and (especially frustrating) some will not play on a computer at all. In almost all cases, such DRM solutions do not support Linux. Most support only Windows, and a few support Windows and Mac OS X. Just to make things clear, while the codecs just discussed do not include built-in DRM features, some codecs are specifically designed to integrate with DRM solutions. In other words, all of these codecs can theoretically be used to play encoded content on a Linux system. If the content is protected by a DRM solution, the likelihood that the content is playable on a Linux system is fairly remote. Despite this fact, or perhaps because of it, Linus Torvalds has not excluded the possibility of including support for DRM in Linux. Likewise, several open source projects are working on Linux DRM solutions.
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B. SPECIFIC INQUIRIES IN REQUEST OF GENERAL CATEGORIES SET FORTH IN (A) ABOVE 1. VENDOR HISTORY a. b. 2. Please provide marketing and other information regarding the vendor s business. Please describe the vendor s background, including how long it has been in business. Please provide the 200[*] annual report and (if available) the latest quarterly audited financial statements for your company. If applicable, please provide the 200[*] annual report and (if available) the latest quarterly financial statement for your parent. Specify any recent acquisitions, divestitures, and downsizings. Specify whether any pending or threatened claims could affect the vendor s financial standing. Please describe how the vendor is organized (e.g., by industry, by value of contract). Please identify the vendor s main offices and service locations.
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Art Cursors is an advanced cursor editor for Windows that allows you to create animated cursors as well as normal cursors. You can find it on the Web at www .aha-soft.com/artcursors/
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Windows VBScript and JScript
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The second category of conceptual models is based on an object or artifact, such as a tool, a book, or a vehicle. These tend to be more specific than conceptual models based on activities, focusing on the way a particular object is used in a particular context. They are often based on an analogy with something in the physical world. An example of a highly successful conceptual model based on an object is the spreadsheet (Winograd, 1996). The object this is based on is the ledger sheet. The first spreadsheet was designed by Dan Bricklin, and called VisiCalc. It enabled people to carry out a range of tasks that previously could only be done very laboriously and with much difficulty using other software packages, a calculator, or by hand (see Figure 2.7). The main reasons why the spreadsheet has become so successful are first, that Bricklin understood what kind of tool would be useful to people in the financial world (like accountants) and second, he knew how to design it so that it could be used in the way that these people would find useful. Thus, at the outset, he understood (i) the kinds of activities involved in the financial side of business, and (ii) the problems people were having with existing tools when trying to achieve these activities. A core financial activity is forecasting. This requires projecting financial results based on assumptions about a company, such as projected and actual sales, investments, infrastructure, and costs. The amount of profit or loss is calculated for different projections. For example, a company may want to determine how much loss it will incur before it will start making a profit, based on different amounts of investment, for different periods of time. Financial analysts need to see a spread of projections for different time periods. Doing this kind of multiple projecting by hand requires much effort and is subject to errors. Using a calculator can reduce the computational load of doing numerous sums, but it still requires the person to do much key pressing and writing down of partial results-again making the process vulnerable to errors. To tackle these problems, Bricklin exploited the interactivity provided by microcomputers and developed an application that was capable of interactive financial
Part III
In the example, showError is the name of the subroutine. The subroutine expects one parameter to be passed in, and this parameter holds an error message to display to the user. You can call this subroutine in several different ways. You can use a Call statement, such as the following:
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