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another. The parties are obliged to disclose all relevant documents including those that prejudice their own case or assist the other party. Each party may then inspect the other party s documents and take copies. Once the disclosure and inspection stages are complete, statements of witnesses of fact are exchanged. In addition, the court may and often does in construction cases give leave to the parties to adduce expert evidence. This is opinion evidence on technical or specialist issues. As such, the evidence of experts is an exception to the general rule that the courts will not admit opinion evidence. Expert opinion evidence is given to assist the court, and experts, although appointed and paid by the respective parties, are obliged to be open and honest with the court, even if in doing so their evidence prejudices their own client. This special duty of experts is set out in a case called the National Insurance Compania Naviera SA v. Prudential Insurance Co Ltd (The Ikarian Reefer) (1993). If leave is given to call experts at the trial to give evidence, then it is usual for them to be required to meet in advance and to identify areas of agreement and disagreement so that they can then prepare a report on the areas of disagreement only. The reports of the experts are then exchanged between the parties. The court will set a timetable at the beginning of the proceedings for all of these steps, and will seek to actively manage the proceedings through until trial. The object of this cards-on-the-table approach to litigation is to ensure that each party has a full opportunity to know in advance and therefore be able to answer the case it will have to deal with at trial, or to compromise the dispute at some earlier stage, if that appears appropriate. At the trial witness statements usually stand as evidence in chief (which then avoids the need for witnesses to be examined in chief, and thus saves time at the trial) so that it is usual, after opening statements have been made, to move immediately to the cross-examination of the factual witnesses and then their re-examination by the party calling them to clarify points arising during cross-examination. The same process is repeated for the experts. Once the evidence is complete there will be closing statements from the advocates about the case the judge has heard. In construction cases the judge may reserve judgment, which simply means that he defers giving judgment for a short period while he formulates his decision and has it written up. The written judgment will explain the basis of the judge s decision. If a monetary sum is awarded (which is the usual relief claimed in construction cases), the court will usually allow the loser time to pay, although this will usually only be 14 days. If the loser will not pay voluntarily, then the winner may commence enforcement proceedings, which may include arranging for bailiffs to seize the loser s goods, freezing his bank accounts, diverting money owed by his debtors and securing the judgment sum against xed assets
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FIGURE 8.4 Specifying character encodings to block.
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Testing Your Tomcat Installation
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Trace 13.8a. RMON MIB Objects (Summary) Sniffer Network Analyzer data 30-Mar at 15:01:14, RMON3.ENC, Pg 1 SUMMARY Delta T Destination 86 3.1904 RMON Agent Source Manager Summary SNMP GetNext sysUpTime.. rmon. (22 items) SNMP GetReply sysUpTime.. rmon. (22 items) SNMP GetNext sysUpTime ..rmon.l. (22 items) SNMP GetReply sysUpTime ..rmon. (22 items)
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That s simpler, but a second improvement would be to filter the items before looping through them. Get-Process can be given the names of processes but this requires passing a list of all the members of the product family, and querying for one which is not running will result in an error . So a better solution is to put a Where-Object Cmdlet between the get and the for, as follows:
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Selling Security Worksheet for Encryption data matrix
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TABLE 25-1
The Equalizer lets you use slider bars to set different levels to different frequencies played. Bars on the left adjust lower frequencies, and those on the right adjust higher frequencies. Click the EQ button to open the Equalizer. Here are tasks you can perform with the Equalizer: If you like the settings you have for a particular song, you can save them as a Preset. Set each frequency as you like it and click the Preset button. Then choose Save Preset. Type a name for the preset and click OK. To reload a preset you created earlier, click the Preset button and select Load Preset. Select the preset you want and click OK.
The core WinNT object model
y represents the year as, at most, a two-digit number, without a leading zero. yy represents the year as, at most, a two-digit number. If the year is one of the first ten in a new century, it includes a leading zero. yyyy represents the year as a four-digit number. If the year has fewer than four digits, the number is padded with leading zeros to achieve four digits.
DbCommand, DbDataReader, and DbDataAdapter. The factory model creates the capability to
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