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public class OrderServiceActivator implements MessageListener{...}
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Security may affect INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations. A number of security settings and roles can cause any operation to fail. Typically, security is not an issue during development; but for production databases, security is often paramount. Documenting the security settings and security roles will help you solve data-modi cation problems caused by security.
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property cookie documentMode domain lastModified readyState referrer title URL description Returns all name/value pairs of cookies in the document Returns the mode used by the browser to render the document Returns the domain name of the server that loaded the document Returns the date and time the document was last modified Returns the (loading) status of the document Returns the URL of the document that loaded the current document Sets or returns the title of the document Returns the full URL of the document W3c Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
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Our last example, Trace 7.7e, illustrates a BGP Update message sent from the Science Lab router to the Broadway router. Note that BGP messages are sent over TCP, using TCP Port 179.Within the BGP header (review Figure 4-4a), note that the Message Type field indicates an Update message (Type = 2), as shown in Figure 4-4c. The Unfeasible Routes length is zero, indicating that no routes are being withdrawn from service. Three Path Attributes follow: an Origin, indicating that the Network Layer Reachability information is interior to the originating AS; an AS path, which is followed by a sequence of AS path segments (513 and 297); and a Next Hop, which defines the IP address of the border router that should be used as the next hop to the Network Layer Reachability field. Finally, the Network Layer Reachability field contains the IP address of interest: [204.XXX.66.0].
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FIGURE 2-6 Maltase is a hydrolase.
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As outputs, the following pins are driven in T2, T12, and T2P. As inputs, these pins are sampled with BRDY#:
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Locating Elements by Tag Name
Another Example: A Java CASE Tool
Option Description
The HALT line can also be used by itself to perform single stepping or to provide DMA. When the HALT input is activated, the 68000 completes the current instruction and goes into a high-impedance state until HALT is returned to HIGH. By enablingldisabling the HALT line continually, single-stepping debugging can be accomplished. However, because most 68000 instructions consist of more than one clock cycle, single stepping using HALT is not normally used. Rather, the trace bit in the status register is used to single-step the complete instruction. One can also use HALT to perform microprocessor-halt DMA. Because the 68000 has separate DMA control lines, DMA using the HALT line will not normally be used. The HALT pin can also be used as an output signal. The 68000 will assert the HALT pin LOW when it goes into a halt state as a result of a catastrophic failure. The double bus error (activation of BERR twice) is an example of this type of error. When this occurs, the 68000 goes into a high-impedance state until it is reset. The HALT line informs the peripheral devices of the catastrophic failure. The RESET line of the 68000 is also bidirectional. To reset the 68000, the RESET and HALT pins must both be LOW for 10 clock cycles at the same time except initially when Vcc is applied to the 68000. In this case, an external reset must be applied for at least 100 ms. The 68000 executes a reset service routine automatically for loading the PC with the starting address of the program. The 68000 RESET pin can also be used as an output line. A LOW can be sent to this output line by executing the RESET instruction in the supervisor mode in order to reset external devices connected to the 68000 RESET pin. Upon execution of the RESET instruction, the 68000 drives the RESET pin LOW for 124 clock periods and does not affect any data, address, or status registers. Therefore, the RESET instruction can be placed anywhere in the program whenever the external devices need to be reset. Upon hardware reset, the 68000 sets S-bit in SR to 1 and then loads the supervisor stack pointer (A7') and the program counter (PC) from location $000000. In addition, the 68000 clears the trace bit in SR to 0 and sets bits I2 I1 I0 in SR to 111. No other registers are affected.
After you select a control, you can easily move it, using either one of these methods: Select the control and, with the hand icon displayed, drag it to a new location. Select the control and place your mouse on the move handle in the upper-left corner of the control. With the index finger icon displayed, drag it to a new location.
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