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Characteristic curve for a proportional counter. (From Wang et al., 1975.)
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AllUsersStartMenu: Start menu options for all users. AllUsersStartup: Startup applications for all users. Desktop: Desktop shortcuts for the current user. Favorites: Favorites menu shortcuts for the current user. Fonts: Fonts folder shortcuts for the current user. MyDocuments: My Documents menu shortcuts for the current user. NetHood: Network Neighborhood shortcuts for the current user. Printers: Printers folder shortcuts for the current user. Programs: Programs menu options for the current user. Recent: Recently used document shortcuts for the current user. SendTo: SendTo menu shortcuts for the current user. StartMenu: Start menu shortcuts for the current user. Startup: Startup applications for the current user. Templates: Templates folder shortcuts for the current user. ===========================================================
Table 3.1: Attributes of the Form Tag Used in Our Example Attribute action Description Represents the URL to which this form will be submitted. This attribute is also used to find the appropriate ActionMapping in the Struts configuration file, which we will describe later in this section. The value used in our example is Lookup, which will map to an ActionMapping with a path attribute equal to Lookup. Identifies the key that the ActionForm will be referenced by. We use the value LookupForm. An ActionForm is an object that is used by Struts to represent the form data as a JavaBean. It main purpose is to pass form data between View and Controller components. We will discuss LookupForm later in this section. Names the fully qualified class name of the form bean to use in this request. For this example, we use the 51
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(Muller et al., 1995)). Whereas PICTIVE concentrates on detailed aspects of the system, CARD takes a more macroscopic view of the task flow. CARD is a form of storyboarding (see 8). A CARD session could have the same format as that described for PICTIVE. During the design brainstorming part of the session, the playing cards are manipulated by the participants in order to show the work flow between computer screens or task decision points. The example in Figure 9.12 shows how the task of buying groceries through a computer screen such as via the Internet can be represented by
The high-energy y -phosphate bond of GTP can be transferred to ADP in a reversible reaction catalyzed by nucleotide kinase: GTP
Throughout this book, T-SQL code has been formatted for readability; this section speci es the details of formatting T-SQL code.
C H A P T E R 13
8 Reactive Stripping in Structured Catalytic Reactors: Hydrodynamics and Reaction Performance
Many of the nuclear reactions that provide the energy of the stars also result in the emission of neutrinos. Because of the small absorption cross sections for neutrinos interacting with matter (sabs  10244 cm2), these neutrinos are not generally absorbed in the sun and other stars. (This loss of neutrinos corresponds to a loss of 2% of the energy of our sun.) Because of this, the neutrinos are a window into the stellar interior. The small absorption cross sections also make neutrinos dif cult to detect, with almost all neutrinos passing through planet Earth without interacting.
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where E is the Euler constant (E = 0.577215665). Therefore, for the following approximation for (15.26): < C >ORA B log2 (e) e1/ E + ln + 1
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