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Hyatt Hotels Corporation
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Conventions Used in This Book
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The Java Message Service (JMS) is a robust enterprise-messaging technology supported across the industry by companies like IBM, Sun, BEA, and Sonic Software. JMS defines a standard way to send and receive enterprise messages from the Java platform. Enterprise messaging requires the following: Reliable messaging Security Transaction support Guaranteed message delivery Multiple message-delivery paradigms SOAP has none of these features. JMS, on the other hand, does. The SOAP protocol is designed to facilitate a binding to any transport layer. The most common layers are the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). Although JMS is technically an application-layer technology and not a lower-level transportation-layer technology, from the perspective of a SOAP message it looks like the transport layer because JMS shields the SOAP protocol from the lower-level transportation issues. When SOAP uses JMS as the transport mechanism, many more options are available for the messaging architecture. Because JMS can operate on top of messageoriented middleware products, SOAP messages sent via JMS can be sent using a
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Organizations and Their Responses
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FIGURE 5.3 E-commerce consumer behavior model.
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Modern Nuclear Chemistry, by W.D. Loveland, D.J. Morrissey, and G.T. Seaborg Copyright # 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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FIGURE 14.5 An animation to display five views of a 3D object uses handoff animation to animate smoothly from one view to whatever the next view is.
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If you want to modify your Java preferences by hand, navigate to the ~/Library/Preferences directory. Then open the file in the Property List Editor.
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Part II The Presentation Tier
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Once again, good diagnostics will be the key to efficiently gathering the needed information to arrive at a conclusion and initiate appropriate action. 15.1.5 Are there Multiple Events and/or Impacts Incidents can aggregate and/or cascade. That is, one threat can affect multiple resources concurrently, or an incident can initiate a chain of events, causing a cascade of failures, the so-called domino effect. It will be critical to determine the scope of the impact or whether there are other resources at risk as a result of an event. Metrics and monitoring are often helpful in assessing scope but intimate knowledge of systems, networks, personnel, or facilities are likely to be needed to assess likely knock-on eventualities. 15.1.6 Will an Incident Need Triage Multiple events that exceed the organization s incident response capacity to address them all will require triage to determine which issues to deal with; which to ignore, either because they are not serious or there is no ability to address them effectively; and in which order. This capability requires substantial expertise; systems, personnel, and, possibly, facilities knowledge; a variety of real-time operational metrics about what is working and what is not; performance impacts; and so on. For purely technical events, the typical range of data being monitored in the NOC may be adequate provided there is the expertise to interpret it correctly. 15.1.7 What is the Most Effective Response Determining the most effective response to a security incident requires the right information and knowledge of the available options. For example, if an attacker has breached perimeter security and raised an intrusion detection alert, what action should be taken Perhaps the network is segmented and the attack can be isolated. Perhaps the intruder can be blocked at the firewall or, possibly, more drastic action is required such as terminating the connection to the Internet. Without adequate information and an understanding of the systems and architectures, it will be difficult to determine the least disruptive response consistent with security. Physical compromise such as theft of proprietary information or indications of embezzlement by an insider will present even more challenging response issues. Often, the main metrics and sources of information for these types of events will be technical or accounting forensics. 15.1.8 What Immediate Actions Must be Taken Some incidents will require immediate action to avoid serious consequences. HIDS or NIDS inside the perimeter signaling an intrusion certainly qualifies. Besides validating that it is in fact an intrusion, operational metrics indicating the scope and nature of activity are critical to deciding the nature and extent of action required. pdf417
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Creating a new table using a make-table query
Quantitative analyses are usually carried out by comparing the measured quantities of test samples with those of standards with known concentrations. Due to the uniqueness of the vibrational spectrum of a compound, individual bands can often be found which make it possible to carry out multicomponent analyses, even with mixtures of ten or more constituents. Another advantage is the extremely wide variety of samples which can be analyzed by vibrational spectroscopy. The prerequisiter and the evaluation procedures for single as well as for multicomponent analyses have been described extensively by Weitkamp and Barth (1976). Several optimization procedures have been published by Junker and Bergmann (1974, 1976). Multicomponent analyses must occasionally be performed without external calibration if the pure components are not available (as for conformational equilibria or problems in polymer chemistry). Adequate methods to solve these problems are discussed by Koenig et al. (1977, 1979). In principle, it is possible to determine compounds in the concentration range from ppm up to loo%, with a standard deviation of about 1% or less. In multicomponent analysis, the lowest concentration of each investigated component must be of the order of about 1%. The amount of substance which is needed for IR as well as for Raman experiments is in general in the range of a few milligrams. For both methods, microtechniques are available, which reduce the necessary amount by several orders of magnitude (see Secs. 3.4.4 and In quantitative analysis usually calibration functions are needed which reflects the relation between the measured quantity (for instance, the radiant flux) and the concentration. The SIN ratio should be as high as possible in order to afford the maximum number of distinguishable intensity intervals. As a consequence, the spectral band width should
Listing 23-1: Code for the router pattern
if (MyCheckBox.IsChecked) x = y;
rich@1[~]$ echo $PS1 \u@\l[\W]\$ rich@1[~]$ echo $PS2 > rich@1[~]$
. . . . . . . .
it Count, and the second time you type in COUNT, the second entry will be changed to Count by the editor. You should use descriptive variable names that is, names that describe the data the variable holds. For instance, a variable that holds an interest rate might be called IntRate or InterestRate. You could call it MickeyMouse or Q99 and VBA would not care, but descriptive names make your code a lot easier to read and debug. It is common practice, although not required, to use a combination of upper- and lowercase letters for variable names as shown in these examples: n TotalOfIncome n AverageSize n RecipientEmailAddress All variables should be declared before being used for the first time. This tells VBA about the variable, specifically its name and the kind of data it will hold. A variable declaration takes this form:
Be sure to replace username and groupname with the login name and primary group of the user. In a stock Debian system, the primary group name will be the same as the username. -ERR Login failed If you re certain that you are using the correct username and password, it could be that the Courier authdaemon service is not running. Try to start (or restart) it using this command:
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