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INDEX SUPREX, 282 285 Surface-induced dissociation (SID), 116 Surface plasmon resonance (SPR), 79 90 Sustained off-resonance irradition (SORI), 133, 220 SVD, see Singular value decomposition Taylor cone, 102, 443 446 Thalassemia, see -Thalassemia Time-of- ight MS, see TOF MS Time-resolved ESI MS, 245, 255 Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), 398 TOF MS, 122 124 Traf cking, 416 417 Transferrin, 31, 35, 100, 106, 113 Transthyretin, 388 Tri uoroethanol (TFE), 388, 412 Trigger factor, see Heat shock transcription factor Troponin C (TnC), 288, 361 Tubulin, 391 393 Turn, see -Turn UBC9, 276 Ubiquitin, 29, 95, 109, 132, 185, 187, 210, 276, 361, 365 Ultracentrifugation, analytical, 74 78 Unit cell, 45 Virus, 398 399 X-ray crystallography, 45 48 high resolution, 47 48 X-ray scattering, small angle, see Small angle X-ray scattering Xylanase, 260
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Raman scattering
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Filter Ping-host {Param ($target, $server= . , [switch]$formatted ) If ($target eq $null) {$target=$_} If ($target is [Array] ){$target| forEach-Object { if ($formatted) {ping-host target $target formatted} else {ping-host target $target } }} If ($target is [string] ){ $pingResult= Get-WmiObject -query Select * from Win32_PingStatus where Address= $target and ResolveAddressNames = True and recordRoute=1 If ($formatted) {$pingResult | Format-table autosize ` property Address, ProtocolAddressResolved , ResponseTime , ResponseTimeToLive , StatusCode} Else {$pingResult}} }
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Bringing Guidelines, APIs, and Languages Together
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6.6 Investigation of fast reactions and intermediates*
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RESV SESSION: ... FLOW_SPEC: FILTER_SPEC: LABEL: RRO: FLOW_SPEC: FILTER_SPEC: LABEL: RRO: original original original original original new new new new
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Part IV Running Applications
[Normal end of ICMP Header .]
Network and Dictionary Service Scripting
0 N 2O3 , HR = 39.9 kJ/mol
Running Commands from the Shell
ne d 2p e ! n d n p n !
Adding buttons
The initiator and target queues are also simply created using DDL:
Some JMS objects are safe to share between threads, specifically connection factories and connections. Sessions are single-threaded objects and, as such, should not be shared among multiple threads. If you know that a given session object will not be used in more than one thread it s safe to store it in some accessible location (like an instance variable). If the object may be shared among multiple threads (the way a servlet is), then create a new session each time the method that needs to dispatch a message is invoked. Because J2EE application servers have multiple threads, all potentially executing the same methods, it s safer not to try to share session objects outside the scope of a single method. MessageProducers and MessageConsumers, being tied to a specific session, are also not safe to share among threads.
The third part of SMIv2 is the notation definitions, which define the type of information that is contained within an unsolicited transmission of management information, such as an SNMPv2-Trap or InformRequest PDU. The NOTIFICATION-TYPE MACRO from RFC 2578 is shown below:
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