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Figure 24-9: The dialog box for copying records. If you have the Office Assistant on, it will display the message instead.
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Mobile computing refers to the use of portable computer devices in multiple locations. It occurs on radio-based networks that transmit data to and from mobile computers. Computers can be connected to the network through wired ports or through wireless connections. Mobile computing provides for many applications, including m-commerce (see 6). Another type of mobile data network is based on a series of radio towers constructed speci cally to transmit text and data. BellSouth Mobile Data and Ardis (formerly owned by IBM and Motorola) are two privately owned networks that use these media for national two-way data transmission.
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PS C:\Users\Administrator> (dir) -is [array] True PS C:\Users\Administrator> (dir).count 16 PS C:\Users\Administrator> (dir)[0] Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::C:\Users\Administrator Mode ---d-r-LastWriteTime ------------14/07/2008 21:25 Length Name ------ ---Contacts
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(*env)->CallVoidMethod( env, customNSButtonJavaObject, buttonClickMethod);
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Figure 10.15 Epipe Con guration Example
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Port B
Mailroom Purchasing
<% pageContext.setAttribute( airline.flight , 704 , PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE); pageContext.setAttribute( airline.userID , jsmith , PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE); pageContext.setAttribute( airline.flightOrigin , JFK , PageContext.SESSION_SCOPE); pageContext.setAttribute( airline.sysadmin , , PageContext.APPLICATION_SCOPE); %>
Windows Scripting Libraries
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