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Assigning document creators Finding bundled resources Integrating Apple menus Implementing preferences Locating the mouse
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Part II
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vs = WScript.Version if (vs >= 5) { main() } else { error() } continued
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2 Installing and Running Access 2002
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A Case Study for WMI: Server 2008 Hyper-V
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Listing 24-1: Implementing the business-delegate pattern
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1. Obtain music files by ripping songs from a CD or copying them from the Web so that they are in an accessible directory, or by inserting a music CD in your CD-ROM drive. (XMMS expects the CD to be accessible from /dev/cdrom.) 2. From the applications menu, select Sound & Video Audio Player. The X Multimedia System player appears. 3. Click the Eject button. The Load files window appears. 4. If you have inserted a CD, the contents of /mnt/cdrom appear in the Files pane. Select the files you want to add to your Playlist and click the Add Selected Files or the Add All Files in Directory button to add all songs from the current directory. To add audio files from your file system, browse your files and directories and click the same buttons to add the audio files you want. Select Close.
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Division Code
Part VI
the following major categories:
8 Running Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
FIGURE 4-1 Webmin offers a Web browser interface for administering Linux.
Will service level credits be provided automatically or must the customer elect to take the credit Will the vendor have any opportunity to earn back the service level credit Will there be any grace periods prior to service levels applying Will service level credits apply during transition Damages: The contract should specify whether the service level credits are an exclusive or nonexclusive remedy. If they are a nonexclusive remedy (which obviously is a more favorable position to the outsourcing customer), what other monetary remedies are available Termination: The contract may allow for termination rights specific to service level failures that are in addition to the customary termination for breach rights. Such additional termination rights may include: Expedited termination (e.g., if there is a failure to provide certain critical services, then the customer does not have to wait for the full cure period afforded other breaches). Predefined termination rights, e.g.: C Termination for the failure to met xxx number of service levels in a specified period C Termination if the service level credit maximum is hit for one or more months Other remedies that may be available to the customer include: Joint management rights Customer step in rights Right to go to an alternate provider Business continuity: The contract should specify what the vendor s business continuity obligations are (e.g., disaster recovery hot site/cold site) and when certain services should be triggered (e.g., at what point is a service failure a disaster ).
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