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FIGURE 20.33
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The most commonly used pipe command in COMMAND.COM, and probably in CMD.EXE was more. This was commonly used in the form:
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A BodyPart is the abstract class used to denote the part that makes up a Multipart. The BodyPart class is identical to the Part class except for the addition of one extra method to obtain the Multipart. The following method returns the containing Multipart, or null if not known: is inclusive of.
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Application service provider (ASP) Bullwhip effect Business intelligence Collaborative commerce networks Collaborative commerce E-supply chain Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Enterprise systems Global supply chain Material requirements planning (MRP) Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) Order ful llment Partner relationship management (PRM) Reverse logistics (returns) ~ SAPR3 Supply chain Supply chain intelligence (SCI) Supply chain management (SCM) Supply chain teams Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) Vertical exchanges
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De ning the integral In ( ) as In ( ) =
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Lenath field = 04H
MISD Shifts in responsibility Successful review by consultants
Employee relations/legal
After nding the location of the client programs, you can use them in your scripts to access the database servers. For the PostgreSQL server, this is easy:
mD Sth
PUSH reg
In December 1993, RFC 1550 [6-11 was distributed, titled IP: Next Generation (IPng) White Paper Solicitation. This RFC invited any interested party to submit comments regarding any specific requirements for the IPng or any key factors that should be considered during the IPng selection process. Twenty-one responses were submitted that addressed a variety of topics, including: security (RFC 1675), a large corporate user s view (RFC 1687), a cellular industry view (RFC 1674), and a cable television industry view (RFC
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